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Slator Design Thinking Webinar | Video On Demand


Learn how to collaborate and innovate better through Slator Design Thinking webinar

Slator invites you to watch the On Demand Video of the webinar delivered to Slator’s audience on June 25, 2020 by Chris Elkin, Founder of Doodle Brands.

This Workshop is ideal for:

  • Small and medium LSP owners and large LSP business unit managers
  • Client service managers and front-line teams
  • Operations directors, managers and team leaders
  • Production and project managers and teams
  • Corporate localization and vendor managers and teams

Why Design Thinking Innovation? In a rapidly-changing post-covid world, people in all types of organizations need to understand how to innovate better together, in-person and remotely. Contrary to popular belief, better problem framing, solving and collaboration (i.e. innovation!) is often not the result of random lightning strikes, but rather the practice of the right human-centered mindsets, methods and tools, taken from the designer’s toolkit.

This workshop will transform the way you work by introducing the key mindsets of innovators and Design Thinking methods to empower you and your network to innovate everywhere. Start learning how to conquer everyday challenges through Design Thinking Innovation.

What will you learn? You will learn how to re-frame the real problem and solve it with the right solution by using Design Thinking mindsets and methods, and apply a versatile design thinking discipline that:

  • Provides teams with repeatable ways to innovate and make things better together
  • Promotes productive collaboration across teams (remotely or in-person)
  • Helps uncover deeper customer insight to get closer to real problems
  • Guides and informs future solutions with team input, alignment and confidence

What will you get to take-away?

  • How-To approach to apply Design Thinking Innovation
  • The ‘Mindset of an Innovator’ to shape your new innovator thinking
  • Toolbox of go-to Design Thinking Method Templates to help you apply Design Thinking to overcome your challenges
  • Design Thinking Links to some of the best, free online resources
  • An exclusive invitation to join the Slator/Doodle Brands ‘Design Thinking Practitioner Series’ courses

A high rated webinar

This webinar has been rated by 67% of June 2020 attendees as “Very Valuable” or “Extremely Valuable”. Moreover, 85% of the attendees found the webinar “Very Good” or “Excellent” in its entirety and would recommend it to peers and colleagues.

Here are some of the comments received from previous attendees:

“The webinar was great!”
“Very interesting topic!”
“Will bring new ideas to our leadership team.”
“I think it will help me in redesigning the production.”

About Chris Elkin

Slator Design Thinking webinar is presented by Chris Elkin, Founder of Doodle Brands, a LUMA Institute, Senior Instructor in Design Thinking and UK Chartered Marketer, as well as a regular lecturer at RMIT University.  Chris brings deep experience helping people to innovate through Design Thinking training, facilitating and ‘doodling’. He frequently leads multidisciplinary teams in planning, executing and evaluating design-thinking-led brand, product, packaging, service and marketing innovation. He regularly instructs and facilitates Design Thinking across Asia Pacific and also donates his time speaking, mentoring and volunteering to help everyone be more human-centric and innovative.

Register now to watch Slator Design Thinking webinar for USD 75.00 at your own pace. This Video On Demand webinar will now be available to Slator audience as of 1 December, 2020.

Contact Andrew Smart if you’d like more information or to explore an exclusive 3-session training program for just your team and tailored to your company’s specific challenges.

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