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Localization Institute Spotlight on Spanish

Spotlight on Spanish – Virtual Conference



496 million people · 21 countries · 1 language

Spanish is spoken by 496 million people worldwide, but to say that they all speak the same language would be an oversimplification.

If you set out to buy a “coche,” for instance, you might get a car in Spain, a specific type of baby stroller in Chile, and most likely a pig in Guatemala.

When you localize into Spanish, you are doing so for 21 different Spanish-speaking countries with separate cultural identities and unique communication styles. With that kind of diversity, your content has to be spot-on for your message to reach your intended audience.

To help you prepare for Spanish’s many challenges, The Localization Institute is organizing a live virtual event that will turn the “Spotlight on Spanish,” where leading companies on the client side will share their strategies and best practices.

You will listen in on presentations on a wide variety of topics that invariably all circle back to the user experience. How does a client company envelop the target audience in a Spanish that sounds right at home? How do you incorporate cultural elements that are instantly recognizable?

Each of the presenters has a unique client-side perspective to share: from the transcreation strategies that global gaming companies like EA and King Games utilize to the methodology for choosing the Spanish variants that companies like Airbnb use, Spotlight on Spanish has you covered. Whether you are a seasoned linguist or a marketing firm, you will have the opportunity to address your specific Spanish-related question, as well as discover questions you haven’t yet thought of.


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