Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing

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Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing

Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing


Slator and Intero Digital (previously SocialSEO) invite you to join us for Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST / 18:00 PM CEST on Tuesday, June 21st. Learn how AI can help you supercharge your digital marketing efforts and drive more leads and revenue.

Are you struggling to keep up with the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape? Do you want to know how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead of the competition? Join us for a free workshop on June 21st, 2023 at 10am MST to learn how AI can transform your Digital Marketing efforts.

The advent of Large Language Models (LLM) like Chat GPT has rapidly reimagined many of the tasks which make up Digital Marketing. But when should you use these tools, and how? There are well known pitfalls where the technology reliably produces bad outcomes, juxtaposed against other applications in which the technology produces exceptional outcomes.

In this workshop, we’ll present the current state of the market for AI applications in Digital Marketing. We’ll share some of the positive use cases, and provide real examples of how Digital Marketing Agencies are using these technologies currently. We’ll also highlight some of the tasks these technologies are not suitable for, and share cautionary tales from behind the curtain of a major US Digital Marketing agency.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and get a head start on your competition.

Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing | Free

Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing | Free

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This Workshop is ideal for:

  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Digital and Content Marketers
  • Social Media Managers and Marketers
  • Sales Managers and Lead Generators
  • Anyone interested in learning how AI can help achieve their Marketing goals

Why is it Important?

AI is revolutionizing digital marketing, providing opportunities for personalization, automation, and data-driven decision-making. Our workshop on June 21st will show you how AI can supercharge your marketing efforts, automate tasks, optimize ad targeting, and deliver better results. Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights from industry experts and stay ahead in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

What will you learn?

During this workshop, our expert speakers will share their insights and experiences on how AI can help you:

  • Personalize your marketing campaigns to improve engagement and conversions
  • Optimize your ad targeting and bidding to get more value from your advertising budget
  • Automate repetitive tasks and save time so you can focus on more important tasks
  • Analyze large amounts of data to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions

Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing
on June 21st will help you connect opportunity to application, in the exciting new age of AI in Digital Marketing.

Register now for FREE to stay ahead of the curve and your competition. The success of your Sales and Marketing initiatives are at stake!

The Agenda

Over the course of 60 minutes, we will examine and discuss the pitfalls, pro-tips and philosophy of AI in Digital Marketing, empowering you to leverage these incredible technologies.
In this event Simon Golding, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at Intero Digital, will be joined by Spencer Lee, Head of AI Solutions at Intero Digital, talking through the key talking points below before answering live questions from the audience.

We will explore:

  • AI in Organic & Paid Search (SEO & SEM)
  • AI in Social Media, Email & Influencer Marketing
  • AI in Branding, Content, Webdev and Graphic Design
  • What AI is good at
  • What AI is bad at
  • Conclusions, Next Steps, Takeaways

The Speakers

Simon Golding SocialSEO

Simon Golding, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at Intero Digital
With over 10 years of experience in business intelligence, marketing strategy, and digital marketing, Simon’s depth of digital marketing understanding is well matched by the breadth of contexts in which he can actualize his wisdom. From multinational corporates to sole traders, from neuromarketing to print marketing, and everything in between, Simon’s colorful marketing journey has given him the skills to help every kind and size of business. When he’s not translating marketing jargon into plain English, you’ll likely find him contemplating and philosophizing over a bottle of wine, reading non-fiction, listening to intellectual debates, or playing games on his latest PC build.

Spencer Lee Intero Digital

Spencer Lee, Head of AI Solutions & Email Marketing at Intero Digital
Spencer has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, with a focus on Email Marketing and Data Management, doing everything from building businesses to data analysis and establishing relationships with household brands. He is highly data-driven, with a proven track record of achieving reliable ROI for clients. For several years, Spencer has been a vocal advocate of the promise and potential AI presents across numerous use cases, and has lead the internal development of Intero Digital’s AI solutions. Outside the office, his passions include: fatherhood, cooking, traditional archery, drone racing, martial arts… And of course, Game of Thrones.

Intero’s clients testimonials

“They are knowledgeable and fast. Intero was a key partner in our success.” CEO, apparel brand

“Intero has an impressive team of dedicated and talented people which makes them unique and a pleasure to work with.” CMO, e-commerce business

“They know what they are doing and do it well.” President & CEO, IT services firm

“From the beginning, Intero has stepped in and been a true partner.” Sr. Marketing Manager, SaaS company

“They make the process easy and act as an additional resource to my team.” Director Digital Strategy, golf brand

“They truly acted as an extension of our team, and that in itself was very impressive to us.” VP Growth, skincare brand

“The results we’ve achieved have blown us away!” VP, landscape design company

“I’m impressed that they are never happy with the status quo… they’ve continued to push us higher and higher.” Director of Digital Marketing & e-commerce, sporting goods brand

Find here Intero’s case studies.

Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing | Free

Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing | Free

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Register now for Unlocking the Power of AI in Digital Marketing on June 21st for FREE.

Contact Deppy Nikolaidou in case of questions.


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