UX Writing Course for the Localization Industry

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UX Writing Course for the Localization Industry


Get all the foundations of UX writing and content design, in a course tailored specifically for localization experts.


Meet the complete UX writing 101 course for localization experts

It has all the UX knowledge that you need to know – and none of the fluff you don’t.

9 full-length lessons and 8 assignments designed to give you an in-depth understanding of UX writing basics. From foundational UX theory to best practices to tools & software – and so much more.

“A game changer for localizers and the industry.”

Anna Shumilova, Language Specialist


Once you finish this course you will:

  • Develop an understanding of UX and its importance
  • Understand the challenges of UX writing for international audiences
  • Apply a strategic approach to UX localization projects
  • Confidently accept and work on UX localization projects
  • Know how to craft useful, enjoyable localized content
  • Feel comfortable discussing copy choices with product teams
  • Know how to analyze and evaluate UX copy in any language


“The course ticked every box for me”

“It was very well structured, covered a lot of ground and also just had loads of real-world insights. Even though I’m a seasoned localiser myself, I learnt a lot of new things.

Michal is a very engaging trainer and her passion for UX writing and UX localisation shines through. I feel I now have confidence to say to product teams, design teams, UX writing teams: “Localisation is UX, just in another language!” and foster better communication and knowledge sharing.”

Anna Ward, Head of Localization at Unite


“This has given me a great amount of confidence”

“I loved it! I feel I now have an in-depth understanding of the purpose and stages of UX localisation. I know the right questions to ask, what words to use and how best to ask these. This has given me a great amount of confidence – particularly the confidence to market UX translation as a service.

Michal is clearly a real expert in her field and it’s really refreshing to take a course with such useful practical relevance, taught in an engaging and impactful way.”

Hannah Hodges, freelance linguist


This course is 100% for you if…

You’re a localization expert looking to improve your skills and gain a valuable expertise.

You’re a project or localization manager looking for the know-how and a seat at the product table.

You’re part of an LSP looking to speak your clients’ language and learn how to serve their needs better.

To learn more: https://www.localizationstation.com./

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