Webinar: The Evolution of Translation with Linguistic AI

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Evolution of Translation with Linguistic AI Webinar

Webinar: The Evolution of Translation with Linguistic AI


Announcing game-changing translation technology with our Evolve Beta Program for Language Weaver.

Breakthrough advances in linguistic AI are revolutionizing how we can approach multilingual content, making possible previously unimaginable leaps in localization ROI.

Evolve removes the acute bottleneck in localization workflows through automatic post-editing by blending the capabilities of neural machine translation (NMT), quality estimation (QE) and large language models (LLMs) into one seamless functionality. Converging NMT’s speed and adaptability with LLM’s rich contextuality and fluency, supported by QE’s decision support, it delivers superior performance outcomes previously unseen.

Discover how this game-changing technology can transform your business translations. This webinar will cover:

  • Today’s challenges in secure business translation including post-editing, the “last mile” of localization for
    many organizations
  • How linguistic AI technologies address key industry issues
  • Overview and demonstration of Evolve, bringing the latest AI innovations to enterprise deployment
  • How organizations can join the Evolve Beta Program.

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Time and Date: 5 December 3 PM GMT

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