Wellness Connection 2022 – Virtual Panel Discussion

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Wellness Connection 2022 Event

Wellness Connection 2022 – Virtual Panel Discussion

REGISTER $10 – $20
REGISTER $10 – $20

When helping others, we may be affected by intense emotions and stressful situations that can lead us into painful and potentially harmful territory. How can we navigate hosting both anger and love and remain a source of strength for others?

Through the unique perspectives of the Jung Center’s Director of the Mind Body Spirit Institute, Dr. Alejandro Chaoul, Director of Cardiology at Hospital Metropolitano, Dr. Mauricio Obon, and author, Pastor Juanita Rasmus, examine the heart as a vital organ for our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Explore how both science and spirituality give us tools for healing from stress and heartbreak.

Time and Date: September 7, 5:30 PM CST

Tickets: Early Registration $10 US through August 15th. Regular Registration $20 US through September 7th.

REGISTER $10 – $20

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