What is the State of AI in Language Services?

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Boostlingo Webinar on AI in Language Services

What is the State of AI in Language Services?


In 2023, ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) have become a central focus for business professionals, revolutionizing how we interact with technology and information. This transformation has been particularly evident in the world of translation and localization, where LLMs have changed the way organizations work. As the language industry adapts to this new technology, a critical question arises: How is AI shaping the world of interpretation? Our expert panel will discuss the current state of AI in language services, focusing on its growing role in interpreting and the implications for the industry at large. 

Join our panel of experts as we review findings from the upcoming Boostlingo State of AI in Language Services Report, including a closer look at the technology’s impact on interpretation. 

During this webinar you’ll discover: 

  • How fast language service providers and remote interpreters are adopting AI tools, and what tools they’re using 
  • Challenges around AI and interpreting 
  • Industry sentiment towards AI’s role in interpretation services 
  • What’s on Boostlingo’s AI roadmap 

Time and Date: 12PM CT – December 13


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