Everything Changes. Except the Quality of our Services

The new name

skriptó. A shorter name, easier to remember and easier to pronounce. It is just one example of many showing how far we go to make our customers’ lives easier.

A new logo

Colours are key in good communication. In redesigning our logo, we have opted for a sober style with no superfluous elements. It perfectly matches our approach: we are a typical no-nonsense partner focussing on our customers’ success.

The choice of blue is not a coincidence. Blue is widely associated with dependability, maturity, trust and integrity.

A new website

Customer satisfaction being our number one priority, we wanted our new website www.skripto.eu to provide as much information as possible. Our visitors will discover a comprehensive overview of our solutions for the challenge of multilingual content and communication.

About skriptó

skriptó delivers professional translations with a strong added value to exacting customers seeking to reduce their time-to-market and to multiply their potential markets.

As true multispecialists, we guarantee solutions for the different challenges posed by multilingual and multichannel translation and by the localisation of products and services to the world’s markets.

Discover our new website:www.skripto.eu !