German-TMS Vendor Plunet Hires Software Developers

Berlin-based translation management system provider Plunet added three more members to its team, growing its full time employee base to 50, according to Daniel Retjö, the company’s Head of Marketing. The company welcomed the new staff to handle localization, frontend software development, and computer-assisted translation (CAT) software development.

Plunet hired Hannah Sheeran for the position of Technical Editor and Localization Management. Sheeran will manage localization focusing on improving the quality of Plunet’s graphical user interface (GUI) as well as user documentation across the system. The company hired Efim Tamplon for frontend software development, where he will focus on optimizing UI and overall usability and making sure the frontend of Plunet’s system is user-friendly. Sheeran and Tamplon started last Summer 2015.

Finally, Plunet will welcome back software developer Chris King, who was with the company between 2012 and 2014, into a similar role this fall 2015. King will be tackling CAT software development, working with Plunet’s technology partners, clients, and product management team to design new interfaces and optimize existing ones.

Retjö informed Slator via email that Plunet’s base has grown to 45,000 users globally, who access the system on a regular basis, including project managers, admins, business owners and C-Suite execs, and freelancers. He disclosed that Plunet is working with 350 language service providers and (internal) language services, ranging from small companies to large organizations which have taken out over 100 licenses. Retjö also tells us that Plunet has landed a number of big new clients recently but that they are not in a position to name them.

In its official release Plunet says it is prioritizing expansion into the US and Europe. The hiring of Sheeran, Tamplon, and King follows the company’s June 2015 announcement when the company added two new employees to its Product Management and Implementation business units.