GET IT Consolidates its Agreement with XTRF to Foster Growth and Ensure Business Excellence


Polish LSP GET IT Language Solutions has announced its decision to extend an agreement with TMS software developer, XTRF.

The 25-year-old LSP, which specializes in medical, pharmaceutical, legal, and financial translations among others, is also renowned for providing professional language services to some of the world’s largest corporations.

As one of the founding members of the Polish Association of Language Service Providers (POLOT) GET IT has been playing a significant part in bringing together professional translation services providers and entities associated with the language industry from across Poland in recent years.

The move enables the Warsaw-based company to easily scale up its operations and ensure further expansion. GET IT clients are also set to benefit from new functionalities and process optimization—in addition to reducing reliance on in-house teams, the XTRF’s Client Portal offers round-the-clock access to project and company data from almost any device. The ability to track the status of current projects also provides clients with peace of mind.

Though management took the time to weigh up other TMS solutions on the market, it was eventually decided that upgrading their current system would be more beneficial.

This decision was influenced in part by the online training tools included as standard. The pre-recorded training sessions made available via the XTRF Academy have enabled the company’s employees to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities and to get up to speed with the latest functionalities in next to no time.