Getting Down to Business – An In-Depth Report on Business Communication

Global Lingo "Getting Down to Business" Report

In order to be successful in the business world, it is important to understand the role that language plays. Different words and phrases can have a significant impact on negotiations, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. 

We’ll explore the role of language in the business world and discuss some tips for using it effectively. Read on for some useful tips!

The Global Lingo “Getting Down to Business” report provides an overview of three main areas:

  • The Future Lingua Franca is “not” English
  • How Business Communication Goes Beyond Language
  • How LSPs Enhance Business Communication

English is not the future language of business

The internet has been instrumental in allowing businesses of all sizes (and from virtually all industries) to expand overseas.

And while this is encouraging, it does come with a number of challenges. If you want to ensure your expansion efforts prove successful, it is critical that you develop an intimate understanding of your target markets. What are the demands and expectations, for instance, of your new markets? What economic, social, and/or cultural challenges might you face? What do compliance regulations look like? But perhaps most importantly, how well are you communicating with your target audience?

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Business communication goes beyond language

Although speaking the language of your target audience is paramount to your business success, so is mastering the business etiquette of each unique region. As the Insider puts it, ‘[w]ith every country comes a different culture, different history, different lifestyle and, therefore, a different way of conducting business’.

To put this into greater focus, ForexTime (a global CFD and FX broker) ‘gathered information from business translation specialists and Forbes magazine to create their etiquette guide on how to greet people, what to call them, [what to do with] business cards, and [how to use the appropriate] communication style and agendas [in foreign markets]’.  What they found might surprise some companies looking to expand their business reach. 

How LSPs enhance business communication efforts

It goes without saying that in order to successfully expand your business, you must be able to communicate effectively with your new target audience. But when your new demographic doesn’t speak your language, you are immediately put at a disadvantage — and so are they. By growing a diverse workforce and investing in professional multicultural support, you and your customers will reap the benefits.

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