Global Ambitions Podcast Launches with Episodes of Localization and Go-to-Market Insights

Global Ambitions Podcast

San Francisco, CA – The Global Ambitions podcast is a look into the minds of localization and international go-to-market experts.  

The format is 15 minutes maximum and the episodes are short, actionable, and sharp. Guests in the field of localization, international go-to-market, and global engineering are asked to share their most actionable insights on the biggest challenge they face. The podcast will publish new episodes every two weeks. 

The main host is Antoine Rey, a localization professional with over 20 years of experience, who is currently CSMO at Venga. 

Each episode focuses on one particular aspect of the localization industry and asks three questions of guests: 

  1. What is the biggest challenge you have faced with this topic?
  2. What did you do wrong in the process that you would warn people to be mindful about?
  3. What did you do right that you would recommend people to duplicate?

Global Ambitions is already making noise in the Localization Industry and has been named one of the Top 12 Language Industry Podcasts by Multilingual, a prominent industry magazine. 

“We looked at the localization podcast landscape, and saw a gap in short, actionable insights,” says Stephanie Harris, the Marketing Manager who produces Global Ambitions. “We want Global Ambitions to provide real value without all the fluff. This seems to really resonate with our guests and listeners. We have some great guests lined up and are looking forward to the rest of the year.”

The first four episodes were launched on February 1st and included interviews on:

About Global Ambitions

Localization and International Go-to-market experts share their most actionable insights in under 15 minutes. The podcast is short, actionable, and sharp. New episodes are published every other week.

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