Global Media Desk Interpreting is Now Interpret Group

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While keeping with the client-centric vision of Global Media Desk, Interpret Group will dedicate 100% of their resources to language services and providing professional, qualified interpreters and translators anywhere in the world.

Mission Viejo, CA – September 30, 2019 – International media service provider, Global Media Desk, announced today that their interpreting service has become Interpret Group. Piggybacking on 19 years of experience in the language services industry, Interpret Group will focus, expand, and improve their services to better serve a large portfolio of international clients. Interpret Group will provide language solutions for all types of industries and events, while specializing in complex medical and technical interpreting. They will continue to work with top regional linguists in a variety of industries and technical fields and offer solutions for multifaceted interpreting challenges.

“This change reflects both the evolution of our company as well as its vision for the future,” commented Ian Hardy, CEO of Interpret Group and Global Media Desk. “Interpret Group is dedicated to saving our clients time, money and hassle through expert management, insider knowledge, and an unparalleled global reach. Our dedication to excellence, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness will help us continue to be the leading global interpreting services provider.”

The new Interpret Group brand includes the tagline “Interpreting – It’s what we do.” The tagline is a purposeful statement reflecting Interpret Group’s mission to DELIVER language services with a personal touch, MANAGE complex projects anywhere with ease, and CREATE lifelong partnerships. They believe in operating on integrity, honesty, and fairness and reducing carbon footprint by using local resources.

“We think this will resonate with our clients, as the new company announcement comes at a crucial stage of a powerful consumer movement for smarter choices for the environment. We are taking the Greta Thunberg effect as a driving force to move our company forward,” said Catherine Beeny, Director of Marketing

The company will have headquarters in Southern California and personnel distributed across four regions.

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Interpret Group delivers local interpreting and translation solutions around the world limiting our clients carbon footprint. Our solutions help build communication bridges by assigning top-notch interpreting talent to your project challenges. For more information, please visit

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At the Global Media Desk we specialize in bringing your visions to life. We only work with the top regional professionals in such varied fields as video production, photography, and video crews.

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