GLOBO Wraps 2020 with 10 New Hires

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Philadelphia, January 2021 — GLOBO announced the hiring of ten new employees as of January 1, 2021. The Philadelphia-based language solutions provider has experienced growth over the past year and has been strategically scaling to continue the trend.

“At a high growth company like GLOBO, we always need to be ready for change.” says Gene Schriver, CEO and Founder of GLOBO. “In 2020, we crossed a significant benchmark in our evolution in both revenue and headcount. Because of our vision, technology, and most importantly, our people, we crossed this threshold in an exceptionally short period of time.”

The language solutions company has also brought in Change Management consultants to support the team’s organic growth, integrating acquisitions, consulting on strategic level hires and helping with career development for employees.

“We follow the philosophy of getting the right people in the right seats,” adds Schriver. “As we continue to scale, we’re confident that our hiring methodology will push us even further in the direction of exponential growth.“

GLOBO’s 2020 New Hires:

Scott Chiba, Director, On-Demand Services
Chiba is an Uber veteran joining GLOBO most recently from Getaround. Chiba leads the execution of on-demand services, linguistic quality, and service delivery success.

Stephanie Casale, Senior Project Translation Manager
Casale joins GLOBO from ICON and oversees GLOBO’s document translation projects. Casale has over 15 years of experience in project management and the language services industry with a focus on client relations and satisfaction.

Nathan Strohkirch, Senior Account Executive
Strohkirch joins GLOBO most recently from Lingotek and is responsible for identifying opportunities, prospects, and engaging new customers. Strohkirch brings 17 years of sales experience with a focus in language translation services & technology and takes a consultative sales approach that prioritizes relationships and open dialogue with potential clients.

Lyndsy Kelley, HR Manager
Kelley comes to GLOBO with over 10 years experience in human resources and will work closely with GLOBO’s leadership team to determine staffing needs, develop workforce strategies and hiring plans, and lead employment branding initiatives.

Michael Venafra, Accounting Manager
Venafra joins GLOBO from TMNA Services and will oversee accounting activities. Venafra will help improve processes and find efficiency in the existing methods.

Marc Shapiro, Senior Account Executive
Shaprio brings over 15 years of experience guiding large-scale organizations through education, contracting, and onboarding and is responsible for identifying opportunities, prospects, and engaging new customers. Shapiro utilizes a consultative approach to understand needs and present custom solutions.

Matthew McNally, Business Development Representative
McNally brings over 10 years of account management experience and is responsible for determining specific needs and benefits for potential customers as well as prospecting and uncovering new business activities.

James McDonough, Business Intelligence Analyst
McDonough comes from Columbia University’s Data Analytics and Reporting Group and is responsible for transforming data into insights to drive business value.

Dominika Weston, Talent Manager
Weston brings 14 years of experience in talent acquisition to GLOBO, with seven years experience in the language services industry.

Tal Roth, Senior Proposal Manager
Roth comes to GLOBO with 14 years of experience analyzing and producing proposals for large scale organizations and will be responsible for managing GLOBO’s proposal process.