GPI Partners with Hubspot for its Translation Connector

Globalization Partners International recently launched the GPI HubSpot Connector that allows users to initiate translation workflows for translating various digital content. HubSpot partnered with Globalization Partners International (GPI), a document, software, and website translation services provider, to establish the GPI HubSpot Translation Connector.

The GPI HubSpot Connector is basically a translation management platform where HubSpot’s users can request content translation directly from GPI.

Users can log into the GPI HubSpot Connector at to authorize access with their existing HubSpot accounts and access the translation workflow dashboard. From the dashboard, users can create translation projects where they specify digital content such as blogs, ebooks, and brochures. Users can then reintroduce the translated versions of their content whether ebooks, brochures, blogs or videos, back into the HubSpot system when they choose to use them in inbound marketing campaigns.

In May 2015, GPI announced it launched a Magento’s eCommerce platform translation connector, adding Magento to its Translation Connector and partner library alongside Adobe Experience Manager, Ektron, EPiServer, and Sitecore.

The Hubspot Translation Connector is just the latest in a string of recent successful launches for GPI’s Translation Services Connector in the e-Commerce, Online Marketing, and Content Management space.

In 2014 HubSpot went public, raising a $125 million in capital and valuing the company at $880 million. The inbound marketing company went on to end the year with $115.9 million in revenue.