The GPT-4 Exposure of Translators and Interpreters

SlatorPod #159 - GPT-4 Exposure of Translators and Interpreters

Florian and Esther are back for a packed news pod. The two catch up with OpenAI announcing the release of its much anticipated GPT-4 large language model. They unpack OpenAI’s research on GPT or GPT-powered systems’ impact on the labor force, including specifics around how exposed translators and interpreters are to large language models.

Over at the University of Edinburgh, researchers looked at hallucinations in large multilingual translation models. The research looked at hallucinations across models of different scale, translation directions, and data conditions.

Lilt announced the launch of Contextual AI Engine, a new GPT-style model which Lilt claims has higher accuracy than Google Translate and GPT-4 for many enterprise contexts. Esther talks about Acolad appointing Bertrand Gstalder as the Super Agency’s new CEO.

At the Google for Games Developer Summit 2023, the Tech Giant announced that developers now have access to free machine translation (MT) for their Android apps. Keynote Speaker, Greg Hartrell, also revealed an early access program for machine translation in the Play Console.

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Meanwhile, Disney lawyers have filed a subpoena request to force Reddit to identify the person or people responsible for leaking a movie dialogue transcript. It was revealed that a Reddit community shared a Google Doc transcript in Portuguese of the film “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” weeks before it was released.