GTS Introduces Low-Cost Website Translation Service

Leading Online Translation Company introduces low cost website translation service, enabling global businesses to easily publish website content in over 50 languages.

Miami Beach, January 3, 2020

Translating a website may not only require a large budget, it usually requires extensive IT support as well. This may be problematic for small businesses that want to translate their company website at little expense and without a lot of technical headaches. Or sometimes, companies may prefer to translate some of their more popular landing pages first, before translating the entire website. Not only is this much cheaper, it can also provide valuable insight when testing the international waters and for market research.

That’s why GTS is introducing the first professional/paid web page translation tool on the market. Use our tool to get instant price quotes for web page translations, and order professional website translation services online. We deliver your web page translations in HTML file format so you can publish your translated web pages online quickly and easily.

“We are thrilled to release our web page translation tool to fill a void for a much-needed solution for rapid translation and deployment of landing pages,” commented Dave Grunwald, Managing Director of GTS Translation. “Creating a multi-language web site is an efficient and cost effective way to reach new markets and new customers. Our service puts new international markets in easy reach for many businesses who were previously scared away by the high cost and technical challenges of a global deployment.”

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