Hollywood-Grade AI Dubbing with Deepdub CEO Ofir Krakowski

SlatorPod #173 - AI Dubbing with Deepdub CEO Ofir Krakowski

Deepdub Co-founder and CEO, Ofir Krakowski, joins SlatorPod to talk about the AI dubbing platform’s goal to make content more accessible through automation and human collaboration. 

Ofir’s experience in the Israeli Air Force’s machine learning and innovation department led him to use his knowledge in deep learning and generative AI to co-found Deepdub with his brother, Nir.

The CEO outlines the importance of human creativity in translation and how they have built a platform that incorporates both AI solutions and human curation. When it comes to AI dubbing, Deepdub prioritizes authentic and natural-sounding voices and incorporates domain-specific technologies to improve translation accuracy.

Ofir recognizes the impact of generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT, and emphasizes the importance of building a product rather than just a technology. The company actively engages with organizations such as the BFFS, a union for artists, to find ways to combine human talent with technology.

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While Deepdub serves enterprise customers in the entertainment industry, they also cater to professional audiovisual creators by making the dubbing process more readily accessible through their recently launched SaaS product Deepdub GO.

Looking ahead, Deepdub plans further language expansion, with a focus on addressing the diverse linguistic landscape of countries like India.