How JGL Automates the Handoff Process to Continuously Translate Internal Communications

LSP Ciklopea

JGL, Croatia’s largest pharmaceutical company with a workforce of more than 1,100 employees, faced a significant challenge in their internal communication processes. To meet the diverse linguistic needs of their employees, they required translations of their Intranet portal posts into Croatian, English, and Russian, often with a tight turnaround of 24 hours. The manual copy-and-paste process for translations proved to be laborious and inefficient, prompting JGL to seek an innovative solution in collaboration with Ciklopea.

Ciklopea, a renowned language service provider, undertook the mission of streamlining the translation process for JGL. They successfully integrated memoQ, a cutting-edge computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool, with JGL’s SharePoint site. This forward-thinking solution eliminated the need for the arduous manual transfer of text, making the process significantly more efficient and dynamic. The collaboration between a multidisciplinary team from JGL and Ciklopea was instrumental in modifying the initial concept and developing practical solutions.

The results of this collaboration were nothing short of impressive. In less than three months, Ciklopea successfully translated a total of 109 projects, encompassing over 30,000 words across the Croatian, English, and Russian languages. The implementation of memoQ, along with Ciklopea’s proprietary Business Management System (BMS) software called Orchestrum, not only automated the handoff process but also enhanced the efficiency of JGL’s Corporate Communications department. This enabled the team to dedicate more time to strategic aspects of their work while minimizing the time spent on administrative tasks.

The long-standing partnership between JGL and Ciklopea is a testament to their history of fruitful collaborations. Their projects have spanned a wide range, from translating sensitive medical instructions that require the approval of regulatory bodies to adapting creative expressions in business communication. JGL’s choice of Ciklopea as a partner for the “1 JGL” project was motivated by Ciklopea’s ability to provide fast, high-quality translations and their adept utilization of advanced technology and language solutions.

This successful project not only accelerated the placement of content on JGL’s Intranet but also significantly reduced the potential for translation errors. The automation of these processes streamlined workflows, allowing JGL to maximize productivity and maintain their position as a leading manufacturer of sterile pharmaceutical forms in the European Union.

If you’re in search of a language services provider, look no further than Ciklopea. They have proven themselves to be a reliable partner committed to delivering top-quality solutions and leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet your language needs. Their innovative approach to automating and streamlining translation processes has made them a trusted partner for JGL and numerous other clients. Schedule a call with them today to kick-start your translation project.