How Localization Automation Can Get Companies a 345% ROI

DeepL Localization Automation

The most successful global companies look at multilingual content in a simple, yet strategic way: the benefits realized along the journey from localization spend to satisfied, growing target markets should go beyond a healthy return on investment (ROI) to include greater efficiency, cost savings, and consistently high quality and better service offerings.

Reliable localization automation, such as that offered by DeepL, can positively transform all internal and external layers found in that process. DeepL partnered with market research firm Forrester Consulting to produce the Total Economic Impact™ report, and the results demonstrate that repeatable and fully-scalable automated AI translation processes can enable companies to confidently design multi-region marketing strategies while reaping numerous benefits.

Multiple companies across industries —including energy, financial services, legal services, and pharmaceuticals— were interviewed for the report. For these companies, automating translation with DeepL Translator was easy to implement and created value for them and their clients, paving the way for consistent benefits and a high ROI along the way.

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ROI of 345% and Other Gains

The effect on the composite organization created by Forrester was transformative —and surpassed expectations: over a three-year period, DeepL helped to greatly decrease document submissions to professional translation teams, while optimizing workloads and reducing internal and external timelines. 

Furthermore, the report revealed a decrease in document translation time by an unparallelled 90%. The extraordinary level of efficiency the organization achieved not only shortened time to market, but it also had a direct, positive impact on the bottom line: a 345% ROI, workflow cost savings of €227,430, and efficiency savings of €2.7m over three years.

“I used to spend 10% of my time on translation-related tasks and now probably only spend 1% of time on them. With DeepL there is no need to search for translation tools and then use multiple tools to cross-reference the translations because there’s so much confidence and trust in DeepL; it’s just a quick skim and quality check. I’m happy with the translation and quality, especially now with the use of the DeepL shortcuts feature.” – Software Applications Manager, Energy sector

Timelines are a key component of the localization automation strategy, from source language content creation to localization to product launch. If localization is delayed, the consequences down the road can amount to missed opportunities in international markets. DeepL’s functionalities, such as the glossary feature, API integration, document translation, and web and desktop access, empower users with efficient translations requiring minimal time and effort.

A localization process built around a solid strategy, with smart automation at every layer, can help achieve maximum efficiency between processes and people. With its advanced Language AI technology and unparalleled translation accuracy, DeepL is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate on a global scale.

To access the full Total Economic Impact™ study and to learn more about how AI translation can empower your business, visit DeepL’s official website.