How memoQ Is Working to Create Value for Our Customers

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memoQ is in business to make translation professionals more productive.

These professionals include project and other managers and translators. memoQ customers are smart, experienced, and competent translation professionals. They know how to manage highly complex translation processes. They know how to translate texts in which the slightest of errors is unacceptable or even tragic. And they seek to continually improve their productivity. 

memoQ is about creating value for these customers.

In this article we look at how memoQ creates value for our customers. 

Technical debt

Any complex software product that has been in development for a reasonable amount of time will need optimization along the way: correcting code; streamlining integrations for parts of the software developed at different stages; and taking advantage of new technologies and methodologies to benefit the software. This accumulation of issues is known as technical debt and is a normal effect of long-term software development. Most of the major TMS systems and CAT tools like memoQ have been in development for ten years or more and have built up substantial technical debt to be dealt with. At memoQ, we consciously work to reduce the technical debt in the code so that we can continue to improve the long-term stability and reliability of our software. 

World-class support

From almost Day One, memoQ was obsessed with making sure any support query was answered quickly and effectively. We were the first company in the industry to make support available 24 hours a day on working days, and today we have one of the largest, best trained, and most responsive teams of support engineers. 


One of the ways memoQ makes translation professionals more productive is by offering greater leverage of the resources they use. Here are a few examples that demonstrate this:

  • memoQ offers the widest range of functionality for translation re-use and machine translation available in any translation tool. 
  • memoQ has integrated 20 different MT engines—and has an MT SDK that allows for integration of any other engine, even without our intervention. 
  • memoQ has automatic subsegment leveraging (in fact, memoQ was the first to introduce this!). 
  • memoQ’s MatchPatch uses terminology to improve a fuzzy match or translation suggestion. memoQ is the only tool that has both segment- and corpus-based translation memory. 

memoQ has more new productivity developments on the way. If you think that translation memory has been developed as far as it can go, think again! We are working on yet another memoQ innovation, with release targeted for early 2022.

Quality management tools are not one size fits all. In addition to its wide array of customizable quality checks for machine-detectable errors, memoQ has an extensive set of customizable linguistic quality assessment (LQA) models. You can even create and use your own LQA models. Like all memoQ resources, these LQA models can be shared with other memoQ customers.

When memoQ introduced project templates, we aimed to reduce project-related chores that fall to project managers. Our goal was to decrease the manual work needed to create a project in memoQ by 80%. The feedback we got from customers who use project templates was that they indeed saw increased productivity—Once a project template is created, it only takes a few minutes for the project manager to create a project from the template, even projects with sophisticated workflows. 

One of the things that makes it fun to compete in the translation technology sector is that there are a lot of highly competent people working in it—not just for memoQ, but also for our competitors. We are delighted to offer strong competition. memoQ will deliver increased value for our customers in 2021 and we hope our competitors will also raise their game. The ultimate winner is the customer. 

About memoQ

memoQ is a leading collaborative translation environment and TMS delivering premium solutions to the translation industry since 2005. memoQ is dedicated to delivering innovation through diverse developments that today help hundreds of thousands of freelance translators, translation companies, and enterprises worldwide.

Having in mind both simplicity and effective translation processes, memoQ combines ease of use, collaboration, interoperability, and leverage in a single tool.