India has become a major global economy with data from the IMF ranking it 5th largest, leapfrogging France, Italy and the UK over the past decade.

Driven by improved regulation, rising incomes, smartphone adoption, internet penetration and the growth of ecommerce, India will soon be one of the largest consumer markets in the world.

These trends and India’s leading role as a service exporter have created tremendous growth opportunities in the Indian language ecosystem, which Slator has explored together with India’s language industry association CITLoB.

  • What is the profile of the language services market and what are the biggest demand drivers and services mix for LSPs?
  • Which industries and end-customer segments present the best growth opportunities in a country with 22 official languages?
  • What is the government’s vision for a vernacular and inclusive Internet for every Indian and for the language industry?

Join us on November 18th for a look Inside India’s High Growth Language Industry and get the answers these vital questions and more. Our moderated panel of language industry experts will share their insights and answer your questions.

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