Intellectual Property Leak is a Serious Disease: We Have the Antidote!

Only few sectors are as influenced by increasing globalization as the Life & Sciences industry.

  • How to comply with regulatory requirements that call for multilingual product collaterals?
  • How to protect intellectual property and maintain full control over documentation production processes?
  • How to provide an accurate translation tailored to very specific terminology, in a short time frame and affordable budget?
  • How to prevent your employees from using free online translation tools and risking data leaks?

Is your localization process controlled?

New markets open doors to new languages…and threats

To compete in today’s globalized marketplace and to comply with international rules and regulations, your company’s product collaterals must be accurately translated across a range of languages. However, it is precisely at this stage that the company know-how could be leaked mainly because of the use of free online translation tools and outsourcing of translation projects.

How much do you spend each year in translation?

Statiscally Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals companies file thousands of patents per year, to protect their know-how.

3000€: that’s the average price for an English to Chinese translation for 1 patent. So, translating 50 patents a year would cost your company 150.000€/year. This amount could be drastically reduced by using an integrated machine translation tailored to your domain with minimum post-edition work.

Concrete use case: Enhance Real-Time Multilingual Communication while keeping Intellectual Property safe

The CISO of a multinational pharma company was looking for a secure Multilingual Collaboration tool to protect group communication, Intellectual Property and reduce costs & time to market.

SYSTRAN quickly emerged as a leading partner due to its experience, reputation in the market and ability to offer in-house solutions. SYSTRAN also provided linguistic customizations to integrate company’s terminology and improve the translation quality specific to the Life Sciences industry.

The way forward with machine translation

  • Integrate machine translation into your company’s IT infrastructure and prevent IP data leak
  • Centralize and consolidate your translation processes and constantly improve translation quality and compliancy
  • Consistently reduce time to market by reducing translation deadline and costs

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