New Ways to Intelligently Generate Language to Exacting Needs and Standards Using AI

Apostroph - apoWRITER

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the core of many text generators, but the difference lies in the final product. And to arrive at a product that can be trusted to create good quality text from the start, AI is not enough. 

In an ocean of experimental and commercial AI-enabled text generators, it may be difficult to tell the difference between the good, the mediocre, and the bad. But what truly makes a difference is the end result. Does the text generated meet the user’s expectations in terms of quality, usability, speed, relevance, and context? Is it reliable? And just how is one AI-enabled text generator different from another?

Answers to those questions have become critical for businesses because, now more than ever, they are under pressure to work within changing time and financial constraints to stay present, visible, and relevant everywhere, in any language.

The Real Difference in AI-enabled Tools for Text Generation

A combination of language professionals, technology experts, and business users are best equipped to understand the kind of results a user of text generation tools might expect. This includes the content’s ultimate purpose and potential target audiences.

Apostroph, a provider of intelligent technology-enabled language services, gathered these experts to not only create, but actually perfect a tool that makes sense for custom business text generation. apoWRITER embodies the best of AI language creation with a deep understanding of how language is supposed to serve a purpose. 

“apoWRITER helps me by coming up with ideas when I have a mental blockage. It has also made me more efficient with recurring and time-consuming tasks. I recommend the apoWRITER to anyone who deals with content creation on a daily basis, whether creative or more technical texts.” — Michèle Bucher, Website Marketing Specialist at Mobility Genossenschaft

The last thing business users of AI-enabled text generators want to concern themselves with is the technology behind a tool, such as whether it is truly “intelligent” or if it is just an alignment of random piles of data to create content. Users are primarily concerned with meeting a business need, knowing that the tool they use will actually make good on its promises well beyond the attractive AI prefix. 

Proprietary and clock-work-like functionality in apoWRITER provide all that AI-text generators users are looking for, including idea and text generation for blog articles, text especially created for social media, meta texts for SEO optimization, summary and keyword extraction, and much more.

Elevating AI Text Generation to Expert Level – Out of The Box

Another key difference in apoWRITER vs other text generators is that the tool was perfected by actual business users. Various Apostroph clients tested the tool for their communication and marketing needs, and provided valuable insights that the company’s language intelligence experts in turn applied.

AI and Apostroph have long gone hand in hand. In the words of CEO Philipp Meier, “AI has been integrated into our work processes for years where it makes sense – and it can now be implemented throughout our service chain as needed.” In fact, Apostroph is leveraging the best of the human+machine approach along with decades of language management expertise to constantly bring the highest levels of service. 

Having already perfected tools for automated neural machine translation (NMT), the experts at Apostroph took naturally to taking text generation to a higher level of performance, by applying human expertise and where the machine can best utilize it, in deep learning for specific language purposes.

Although AI-enabled text generators still need training and post-editing, the higher performance level that apoWRITER brings is training and deep learning that benefited from the input of business users as the tool was being perfected. apoWRITER is an elevated and fine-tuned tool with AI in its heart and human language and intelligence in its soul. 

Customers have praised the apoWRITER for providing them with better productivity, ease of use, and much faster time to publish. apoWRITER has already become an indispensable tool for marketing teams, content development teams, blog editors, and social media managers at all types of companies. 

Is your company ready for intelligent efficiency? The language intelligence experts at Apostroph can show you how the apoWRITER can become your best tool for expressing your creativity and subject matter expertise while accomplishing key business purposes.