Intento and Smartcat Partner to Strengthen the Translation Landscape

Intento and Smartcat Partnership

September 6, 2021, San Francisco – Intento, a leading AI integration platform, and Smartcat, an all-in-one translation platform, enter into a strategic partnership for enhanced language solutions. The entire translation community will now benefit from the combined expertise and integrations of both partners. 

Intento MT Hub for Smartcat gives users access to the best-possible translations through the power of over 30 leading machine translation providers such as Google Cloud AutoML, Amazon Translate, and ModernMT. The CAT toolkit for localization specialists can now be taken to the next level by automating the selection of the most suitable MT provider for your project and fine-tuning translations with custom terminology, tone of voice control, and other options provided by Intento. Those taking advantage of Smartcat’s seamless, single-window localization processes will further benefit from full transparency on machine translation usage and analytics. This puts Smartcat users in even more direct control of their MT experience. 

“Smartcat’s translation management system is a dominant and influential element of the localization technology landscape, and we are extremely pleased to enter into a partnership,” says Konstantin Savenkov, Intento’s co-founder and CEO. Savenkov continues, “We believe that MT is the future of localization, and the evolution of these technologies will continue to shape the global business practices through the development of tools such as Smartcat. Intento powers the MT programs of many of the world’s largest companies, increasing quality, speed, and ROI, and leveraging these features through Smartcat’s reliable platform will work to benefit the entire industry dramatically”. 

Teaming up with Intento will bring the collaboration of AI and CI/CD technologies to the next level. Intento’s MT Hub unlocks the full power of modern machine translation technologies, while Smartcat gives robust translation memories, selective post-editing capabilities, flexible document handling, integrations, and CI/CD localization automation”, says Igor Afanasyev, Sr. Product Manager at Smartcat. He continues, “We see this partnership as an opportunity to provide enterprise-quality localization services to agile, fast-moving companies and their growing global customer base. By partnering with Intento we will help language professionals and global companies to improve the quality of the translations and significantly decrease time to market. We hope this integration is just a step in our long-term partnership with Intento and look forward to more joint developments in the future”. 

Fedor Bezrukov, the Director of Logrus IT in Kyiv, notes, “Logrus IT has been using both Smartcat and the Intento MT Hub for several years, and we are quite enthusiastic about the potential of this partnership. This development may define a new milestone for the translation and localization industry. It will combine Intento’s top-notch capabilities for training and fine-tuning MT with the convenient and straightforward Smartcat user interface. In other words, you will discover a powerful MT platform with impressive functionality and customization options under the hood of a popular, user-friendly tool. Intento expertise in AI and MT seamlessly integrated into the translation workflow will allow LSPs to get higher quality machine translations, reduce post-editing effort, and increase productivity and overall efficiency. We are looking forward to this release!” 

About Intento 

Intento, the leading AI integration platform, helps global companies utilize the best-fit cognitive AI services and automate content creation (text synthesis), content transformation (between text, speech, and image), and content localization (machine translation), enabling enterprises to translate 20x more content on their existing budgets. Intento was recently recognized as a Cool Vendor in Conversational and Natural Language Technologies by Gartner for its success in enhancing the supply chain of the global translation business. It gives global corporations direct, easy access to a multitude of MT engines and seamlessly connects them with all of their business systems. 

The Intento AI Hub connects AI models trained on multiple platforms (such as Amazon, Google AutoML, or Microsoft Cognitive Services) with many enterprise software systems. Launched in 2017, Intento offers its patented, ISO-27001 certified platform to global companies across all industries, augmenting their Localization, Content Management, Customer Support, and Marketing Operations with AI. For more information, visit

About Smartcat 

Smartcat is an all-in-one translation platform that connects businesses and translators to streamline continuous multilingual content creation and delivery. Smartcat’s disruptive business model enables Connected Translation, which brings the translation industry together in a market network where buyers and suppliers can interact, collaborate, and grow. As of July 2021, Smartcat has over 12,000 customers and more than 400,000 registered freelancers in the Marketplace. 

Logrus IT 

Logrus IT is an independent end-to-end provider of enlightened, tightly integrated, customized, agile, cloud-based content creation and transformation solutions. Their expertise has been shaped by an extensive history of projects including custom eLearning course creation, videos, and trailers (including 2D and 3D animations); end-to-end quality evaluation and translation cloud portal solutions for end-users; translation and localization of games, multimedia, software, firmware, documentation, web content, and more.