Intento Appoints Mark Hjerpe as Vice President of Revenue, Americas

Mark Hjerpe

Berkeley, CA, September 16, 2020 — Intento (, a leading AI integration platform, announced today the appointment of Mark Hjerpe as Vice President of Revenue, Americas. Hjerpe brings an extensive background in driving growth for localization technology companies, which aligns well with Intento’s cornerstone AI offering: Enterprise Machine Translation Hub, which enables global corporations to produce the highest quality, real-time or post-edited translations in all major world languages across all enterprise systems. 

“Mark’s background and experience are uniquely suited to drive the growth engine for Intento in the Americas,” said Konstantin Savenkov, CEO of Intento. “He has deep ties to the localization community and has served as a trusted advisor to many of the largest corporate localization programs across industries. Further, Mark’s hands-on experience working with a wide variety of localization providers gives him a perspective that is tremendously valuable to Intento’s customers – allowing him to have a service and technology-agnostic view and a laser focus on the client’s best interests. This involves breaking with the dominant industry service and pricing paradigm, and helping global customers leverage the full capabilities and cost savings of machine translation.”

“In my 20 years in the localization industry, game-changing MT has always been the elusive holy grail,” said Hjerpe. “Intento’s curated MT solution is the closest I’ve seen any provider come to achieving this goal. Educated corporate customers in support, localization, community, and IT departments (among others) are no longer content with the limited value brought to bear in typical MT engagements. Intento brings a new and meaningful change to enterprise MT deployment, allowing our multi-market customers to leverage over 30 different MT systems seamlessly through a single API – providing best-fit MT for all content types and language pairs and vastly changing the conversation around what MT is capable of.”

Hjerpe has played a pioneering role in the expansion of the global language services and technology industry. He has lived, worked, and led teams in Latin America, Asia and Europe, developing best practices in translation management and streamlining multilingual workflows for global corporations. Prior to joining Intento, Mark’s previous roles included serving as Chief Revenue Officer at Lingotek, and executive team member and Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at RWS Life Sciences.

About Intento:

Intento helps global companies procure and utilize the best-fit cognitive AI services. The Intento AI Hub connects AI models trained on multiple platforms (such as Amazon, Google AutoML, or Microsoft Cognitive Services) with many enterprise software systems. Launched in 2017, Intento offers its patented, ISO-27001 certified platform to global technology, retail, and travel companies, augmenting their Localization, Content Management, Customer Support, and Marketing Operations with AI. For more information, visit