Intento Launches its Web Tools for Machine Translation

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Intento launches a slick web interface to their cloud-based MT API middleware, to enable solution architects and translators quickly try multiple MT engines or use them when there is no CAT or TMS connector available.

Intento MT API middleware provides a simple and elegant API to 20+ Machine Translation systems, including the latest domain-adaptive NMT solutions from Google, IBM, Microsoft, ModernMT and Tilde.

Besides unifying the API, it also provides the common way of working with HTML and XML formats text, custom MT models and automatically segments and translate large files with respect to technical limitations of a specific MT provider.

The web application, available in preview, provides a human-friendly interface to the API. It enables users to upload files of any size, in text and HTML format, select several MT engines available for this language pair and file format, and download the translated files.

“We launched our MT middleware in June 2017 and quickly found that while one API is way better than 20, it’s far from being enough. “, said Konstantin Savenkov, CEO and co-founder of Intento. “There are many cases when you need to evaluate how MT works for you before heading to the API integration. Simple web-demos from MT vendors provide a little help here, while the full-scale evaluation requires multiple API integrations, creating a vicious cycle.”

“Also, in many cases, the API integration is just impossible and the data have to be manually exported from some software, translated and imported back. Many people in the localization industry do not make the best friends with APIs, hence the lack of human-friendly tools slows the adoption of MT and deprives LSPs of huge benefits provided by cutting-edge technology.”

The web application is available for Intento clients at While in the preview mode, the clients charged at the same rates as for the bare Intento middleware. Please apply for a trial access at

More information is available in the company blog.