Intento Publishes Machine Translation Add-Ins for Microsoft Office

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Berkeley, California, Feb. 20, 2020 — Intento has published its Enterprise MT Hub Add-Ins for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word.

Intento builds tools for global companies to procure and deploy the best-fit Machine Translation. Intento Enterprise MT Hub is an enterprise-grade AI middleware. It integrates multiple MT engines to serve MT needs across a variety of enterprise business processes and software systems.

With the new add-ins, 20+ Machine Translation systems, including Amazon Translate, Google AutoML, Microsoft Custom Translator, ModernMT, and Systran PNMT are available to Microsoft Office users who have registered with Intento and installed the add-ins.

“Over the last year, domain adaptation and glossary support finally made Neural Machine Translation enterprise-ready. However, its potential often locked within localization departments and Translation Management Systems, out of reach of the end-users. The latter often use free online tools, compromising both quality and data confidentiality, “ said Konstantin Savenkov, CEO and co-founder of Intento. “That’s why we built the Enterprise MT Hub, which is a secure, ISO 27001-certified bridge between multiple enterprise systems and the best MT engines. Our new add-ins for Microsoft Office boost productivity for multilingual companies, providing instant additional ROI for the MT investments they already made.”

The add-ins are available for download at the following links: Intento Translator for Outlook, Intento Translator for Word. To use the add-ins, the company needs to have a commercial license for Intento Enterprise MT Hub. For further information, please contact Konstantin Savenkov, Co-Founder & CEO of Intento (