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San Francisco, CA — [October 12, 2023] — Intento, a leading machine translation and multilingual generative AI platform, unveils the latest upgrade, Enterprise Language Hub.

Intento’s mission is to empower enterprise leaders to excel in providing best-in-class language experience for both customers and teammates. The company already serves over 40 global organizations, such as Agilent, Subway, Procore, Playrix, and the Government of Canada.

Intento’s Enterprise Language Hub allows these global teams to:

  • Spend 20x less on translation by customizing Machine Translation models and automating source content improvement and post-editing.
  • Make their best support articles, agents, and chatbots available 24/7 in over 650 languages.
  • Boost global productivity through language-inclusive digital workplaces.
  • Build automatic language skills beyond translation using GenAI and share across the company using a GenAI Portal and integrations with multiple software systems.

“For the past five years, we’ve built our Enterprise Language Hub into a top choice for over 40 major enterprises. They rely on Intento for real-time translation of critical content, a feat made possible by our integration with over 40 Machine Translation platforms and early adoption of large language models like BERT and GPT. Our performance has surged with advancements in large language models in early 2023,” said Konstantin Savenkov, Intento’s co-founder and CEO. “Besides translation, we’ve found that our platform significantly improves Generative AI for non-English content, a key asset for our globally diverse clients. This investment will let us expand our tech and scale operations to meet rising demand.”

A Leap Forward in Generative AI and Translation

The new version of the Intento platform will integrate generative AI natively into existing automatic translation workflows. This enhancement is expected to deliver up to a 90% improvement in translation quality, making it a game-changer in multilingual content accuracy.

For generative AI tasks, Intento multilingual orchestration yields an up to 40% increase in quality while reducing cost and processing time by up to 20-fold for non-English content. The new version of Intento Language Hub with a newly developed GenAI Portal will facilitate the integration of multiple generative AI models with machine translation in multilingual workflows across various software systems used by clients.

In other news, Intento has recently secured an $8 million Series A funding round led by Somersault Ventures to support its ongoing growth and innovation.

About Intento

Founded in 2016, Intento empowers enterprise leaders to excel in providing the best language experience to their customers and teammates using its advanced machine translation and multilingual generative AI technologies, in over 650 languages.

Intento Language Hub is ISO-27001 certified and integrates with existing software platforms, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Translation Management Systems, to share MT/AI models across the enterprise and improve them based on feedback.

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