Interactio Welcomes a New VP of RSI & Chief Interpreter – Uroš Peterc

Interactio - Uroš Peterc

During recent years, Interactio signed partnerships with the most prominent international institutions such as the European Parliament and secured a $30M investment in Series A. In 2020 alone, Interactio went through a 12-fold growth, welcoming a 200th strong business professional to the global team. 

Today, we are beyond excited to welcome a very special addition to our team – Uroš Peterc, who is joining Interactio as the VP of RSI & Chief Interpreter. 

For the past 25 years, Uroš has been an active advocate of the Interpreters community. He was a member of AIIC’s negotiating delegation with the EU, served the role of AIIC’s vice-president from 2016 to 2018, and was elected President of AIIC in 2018.

Representing AIIC, Uroš successfully negotiated RSI agreements with the European Parliament and the World Customs Organization and was until recently also facilitating RSI negotiations with the United Nations.

Uroš is an accredited EU interpreter for 7 languages who has also worked as the personal interpreter to the president of his country for four years; thus, he’s developed an exceptional understanding of the interpreter position in the RSI industry. 

“We are delighted to announce that Uroš has joined us as Interactio’s Vice President of RSI and Chief Interpreter. Uroš brings a wealth of experience to our amazing team, having been President of AIIC and a negotiator with international institutions. We are looking forward to this exciting new chapter and to continue improving our service for clients and interpreters alike.”

– Gary Nolan, CRO 

“These are fascinating times for the language interpretation industry; we are experiencing unprecedented change at an unprecedented pace! The market is not only changing, but it is also growing faster than ever. It generates new opportunities for more multilingualism and progression of the interpreting profession in all its shapes and forms, from high-level conferences to community & healthcare interpreting. Interactio has an incredibly passionate and dedicated team, and I am excited to be able to help lead and shape that change responsibly, daringly, with an openness to the benefits of innovation without forgetting what this is all about: human interaction.”

Uroš Peterc, the newly joined VP of RSI & Chief Interpreter

In his role, Uroš will be driving the entire RSI unit, consisting of interpreters, coordinators, bookers and recruiters, as well as training and QA specialists. He will also work together with the product team ensuring that the interpreter console works smoothly and is continually developed with excellence in the forefront. 

Having years of experience in interpreting and business development, Uroš will also contribute to Interactio’s RSI strategy, working closely with our most important clients globally and our growing interpreters’ community. Uroš will act as an ambassador and the voice behind the interpreters, focusing on building their overall well-being in the RSI field.