Interlex Acquires a Holding and Merges with NEON Translations & Localization

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Interlex, which has been providing high-quality translation services for more than twenty years in Estonia, will merge with NEON Translations & Localization in October. The merger between the two companies will result in yet another Estonian translation agency with a turnover of over one million euros, providing services to public and private clients both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.

Translation agency Interlex, which operates in Tallinn and mainly focuses on the medical, financial, automotive, IT, and legal sector, announces that it has acquired the translation agency NEON Translations & Localization, which has been active in the market for twenty years and possesses extensive experience in providing translation services to the public sector, and also to the medical field.

According to Inge Rätsep, owner and CEO of Interlex, the transaction contributes to establishing a more structured translation market in Estonia, as well as supports the development of high-quality and modern translation services.

‘The clients of both agencies will benefit from the merger of the two, as a team with even stronger competencies and a more diverse background will be formed, ready to provide fast and high-quality services, also across borders,’ Rätsep says.

Today’s merger is not the first for Interlex. At the end of 2019, Interlex merged with highly skilled Grata translation agency, with its main focus being medical translations. As a result of the current merger, Interlex will acquire more competencies in banking and law. The agency is also planning to enter the world of sworn translation services.

Interlex was founded in Tallinn in 1997, focusing particularly on legal translations back then. The company’s main clients were the largest law offices in Estonia. Estonia’s accession to the European Union brought a lot of translation work from both the European Parliament and the European Commission to the company, and provided the agency with strong international experience.

In cooperation with the Association of Estonian Translation Companies, Interlex has contributed to organising both local and international conferences in Estonia. For example, in 2019, Interlex was the supporter of the international translation conference T-Update held in Estonia for the first time. It was attended by more than 130 people from over 20 countries. The translation agency is also active in the Estonian machine translation roundtable.

Already since 2004, Interlex has been a member of the international consortium of translation agencies EULOGIA. It is worth noting that only one translation agency from each country can become a member. Translation agencies from all European Union countries and Norway are represented in this association. In the same year, Interlex also reached the international market to provide medical, automotive, and technical translations.

Interlex and NEON Translations & Localization are active participants in the development of the Estonian translation market, with both also being members of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies.

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