Interprenet Celebrates 20 Years in the Language Services Industry

Interprenet 20 years

Interprenet, a leading global language service provider, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2024 and presents its vision for the future of language solutions. Founded in 2004 as a provider of interpretation services for courts and law firms in the Chicago area, Interprenet has since evolved into a global language services provider offering a full suite of language solutions to meet the needs of the conference, meeting, and event industry.

“We look forward to bringing human-to-human and technology-enabled interpreting solutions to even more organizations looking for more efficient and convenient ways to accomplish their multilingual communication goals,” explains David Medrano, CEO and co-founder.  

20 years of commitment to accuracy and exceptional service

Interprenet was co-founded in 2004 by two professional interpreters, David Medrano and Carlos Cantu-Lee. “We recognized that there was a need for reliable interpreting services that prioritized interpreter quality and excellent customer service,” recalls Carlos Cantu-Lee, CFO and co-founder.

Since 2004, Interprenet has played a pivotal role in raising the quality standards for language services by applying the company’s core values of accuracy, creativity, and trust to all their business processes, from operations and language technology to recruiting top interpreters and customer service.

“We are grateful to all our staff, clients, partners, and friends of Interprenet who have contributed to
the growth of Interprenet as a well-respected language services provider in the U.S. and abroad,” said David Medrano.

A vision for the future of language solutions

Since 2004, Interprenet has established itself as a leading provider of turnkey language solutions for prestigious conferences and events, with a focus on consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and technology-enabled solutions.

“We are proud to provide interpretation and live captioning services for the most demanding yet fulfilling conferences and events,” said Carlos Cantu-Lee. From technical patent law cases to UN conferences, from manufacturing tours to global political summits, and from heads of state to renowned CEOs – Interprenet has become synonymous with superior quality and reliability in real-time interpretation.

“We will continue to think outside the box to innovate and provide our clients with efficient language solutions,” said David Medrano. Indeed, Interprenet was one of the first providers to offer remote simultaneous interpreting in 2016, a breakthrough cloud-based technology for remote real-time interpreting at the time. “We are grateful to our technology partner Interprefy, with whom we work closely and who provides us with the latest language technology for our cutting-edge solutions such as Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) and AI Speech Translation.”

Most recently, Interprenet has introduced two new additions to its suite of language solutions: AI Speech Translation and Multilingual Streaming. “We look forward to continuing to establish ourselves as a global consultative leader in this space and helping clients navigate the complex ecosystem of competing and complementary language solutions,” said David Medrano.

The reliability, compliance, user experience, and efficiency of language services vary greatly from industry
to industry. Some industries, like courts and healthcare, will continue to prioritize human interpretation, while others, like education and finance, may be comfortable with a combination of human and AI-powered technology for live translation and interpretation services.

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