Introducing CaptionHub Analytics: Transforming Multilingual Subtitling Workflows With Data

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London (UK) – 18 September 2023 – CaptionHub, the market leading multimedia subtitling and voiceover platform announces the launch of CaptionHub Analytics – giving household brands the ability to transform their media subtitling workflows. 

This latest launch from the UK headquartered AI tech company is a clear sign of the distance brands need to go in media localisation to win market share. Deploying data informed step changes in video translation efficiency means companies engage more audiences faster and at less cost than ever before. 

According to CaptionHub, the new capability includes a range of dashboards providing instant insights into subtitling workflows and processes particularly around translation quality and post-editing workflow efficiency. CaptionHub’s customers can also create custom dashboards, without code. 

“Brands are heavily invested in media localisation, with multiple agencies and technologies working in the same overall workflow. Determining how effective those processes are can introduce areas for huge cost savings.” says Tom Bridges, CaptionHub’s CEO and product leader.

Understanding which machine translation engines require the most changes in post-edit can enable selection of the most optimised MT engine for any given domain; determining which language agency is turning around projects faster, and whether they are meeting their SLAs, can feed into future servicing agreements.

“Ultimately brands who are using video in all forms to communicate their external and internal messages can make more informed, confident decisions, backed up by real-time granular data – but importantly, data that’s easy to understand and then convert into real business value”, says James Jameson, CaptionHub’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Revenue in the Video-on-Demand market is projected to reach US$159.40bn in 2023.  That same revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.71% by 2027, in just four years, resulting in a projected market volume of US$230.90bn by 2027. In a market that’s not slowing down anytime soon, a unique insight into video localisation for your company can be a material competitive advantage.

Bridges continued: “We are laser-focused on providing our customers with the best software solution available to produce perfect subtitles, faster, and at scale. Unearthing insights and arming teams with the data they need to make informed decisions is the next step in this process, which is why we’re delighted to release CaptionHub Analytics to market. Our customers have already driven huge time and cost savings through the use of CaptionHub, and Analytics is yet another avenue to unlock further optimisations to their marketing, employee engagement and media footprint.”

CaptionHub Analytics is available now. To learn more, please visit

The company is also holding a product launch event to demonstrate the features available through CaptionHub Analytics on 21st September 2023, and places can be reserved here.