Introducing CaptionHub Automation: Fully Automated Subtitle Creation, at Scale

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London (UK) – 26 June 2023 – CaptionHub, the market leading subtitling software platform whose clients include TED, Stripe, RWS, Acolad, and Unilever, and who processes millions of subtitling minutes in hundreds of languages – has recently launched its exciting Automation suite of tools. Automation is CaptionHub’s no-code subtitling-at-scale capability – which gives non-developers the power to set up hugely powerful, API level, automated subtitling workflows – in seconds and without a single line of code.

Automation is the next step in CaptionHub’s continued mission to enable its customers to produce perfect subtitles, at scale. With Automation, CaptionHub’s customers can decide which aspects of their video localisation workflows they wish to automate, from simple tagging right through to full end-to-end batch translation tasks.

Every video localisation workflow is different, none more so than whether companies opt to use artificial intelligence (AI), human linguists, or a combination of both for tasks such as transcription or translation. CaptionHub has proudly partnered with best-in-class AI platforms from its outset, and offering customers a choice as to whether or not to utilise AI is a core belief of the company. As such, CaptionHub’s customers can choose which aspects of their video localisation workflow will utilise AI, ensuring complete control over the entire process.

CaptionHub Automation has been designed from the ground up to be hugely powerful, yet beautifully simple; in just a few clicks customers can create entire localisation workflows that run whenever new videos are uploaded into their online video platform of choice. 

Often, software automation tools can lead to reduced functionality in order to streamline or overcome automation complexity, but with CaptionHub Automation, a key design priority was to ensure no reduction in product capability. To that end, full support is included for the 73 machine transcription languages, 137 machine translation languages, termbases, custom dictionaries, approval flows, and advanced caption options such as lines per caption and reading speed, that are available as per the standard platform offering.

More specifically, full-featured support has been incorporated into CaptionHub Automation, including:

  • Importing from, and publishing back to, a range of leading online video platforms, including Brightcove, Qumu, and JW Player
  • High-accuracy speech recognition and AI-powered sentence-level translation, with language group capability leveraging multiple AI engines
  • Multiple workflow types, with support for reviews and approvals

Tom Bridges, CEO of CaptionHub, said: “CaptionHub’s mission from the outset has been to equip our customers with best-in-class, enterprise-grade technology, so that they can produce perfect subtitles, faster, and at scale. Automation is the next step in our journey to perfect subtitles at scale, where repetitive tasks, including full end-to-end workflows, can be entirely automated, saving time, reducing costs, and enabling linguists to focus on what they do best.”

CaptionHub Automation is available now to current and future customers. To learn more about how this powerful new functionality can save you time, reduce your costs, and demonstrate intangible ROI, please visit

The company is also holding an online presentation to demonstrate the features available through CaptionHub Automation on 28 June 2023, and places can be reserved here.