Introducing New Translation Management Solution – Crowdin Enterprise

Crowdin Enterprise

Crowdin, a localization management solution for tech companies, has unveiled its new product –  Crowdin for Enterprise. The new platform is currently available via Public Beta and offers a completely new localization experience for business owners, project managers, translation specialists, developers, and all the non-tech teams involved. 

Crowdin Enterprise aims at businesses looking for more control and, at the same, time more flexibility to organize complex localization workflows.

Secure Cloud Environment Hosted on AWS

The localization with Crowdin for Enterprise starts with creating a separate Organization which can be based on the company’s domain. An organization is a place to organize projects, project groups, and keep all the source files and translations in one place. Within an organization, people have different levels of access that are easily managed. People from other organizations won’t be able to log in or access anything an organization contains.

Each organization has its encrypted database hosted at Amazon Web Services. And there’s a range of added security features, like custom authorization methods, OAuth with Google, security log for the organization, network access restriction, and others.

Automated and Fully Customizable Workflows

Each project on Crowdin Enterprise has a separate Workflow, a sequence of steps a content should go through during localization, like translation and proofreading. The workflow steps can also include Translation Memory or Machine Engine Pre-Translation, Source Text Review, and Switch Source Language (to handle translation between rare language pairs).

Project managers can create workflow Templates to use within project groups or for specific projects. Each workflow step has its assignees. Translators and proofreaders will be able to access content only at the steps they were assigned to. 

Project Hierarchy and Advanced Resources Management

Groups on Crowdin Enterprise will help to assemble related projects together and function like folders. Separate groups can be created for different types of products and content localized, customers (applicable mostly for translation agencies), or any other criteria. 

There’s also an Advanced Resource Mode that allows managing localization resources such as Translation Memories, Glossaries, Machine Translation engines within groups at once. 

Efficient Collaboration Between Vendor and Client Organizations

Professional language providers can create separate organizations on Crowdin Enterprise. Client Organizations no longer need to invite managers from Vendor Organizations to their projects. 

When configuring project workflow Client adds a step Translation or Proofreading by Vendor and assigns the translation agency to specific languages. A Vendor receives then a secured copy of the project workflow steps it was assigned to. Along with translation resources of the assigned project, such as Translation Memory and Glossaries. The Vendor then can add the assigned steps to its workspace and organize the processes – set up own workflows, assign people to different steps, and use its translation resources. 

Translation agencies can also set different rates for clients and languages. All of them will be automatically included in the reports. This way generating cost reports becomes much easier. More about Vendor-Client collaboration.

Focus on Latest Technology 

Crowdin Enterprise can be integrated with numerous tools and systems, like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Repos, Jira, Zendesk, Sketch, Figma, and others. 

The solution comes with the new extended API 2.0 that covers almost all the UI functionality. New API also allows developers to create own apps on Crowdin Enterprise and build custom integrations. This helps to connect the platform with any third-party apps or services using personal access tokens and OAuth2. 

Personal Product Demo and 30-Days Free Trial

With the launch of Crowdin Enterprise, tech companies worldwide can extend their products’ reach and streamline localization of the complex projects and systems. All the new features of the new product are described in the official release-post

Crowdin Enterprise is currently available via Public Beta and potential users are encouraged to sign up for personal demo call to get a personalized tour and learn best practices on how to handle localization projects in their organization best or start with a 30-days free trial right away.

About Crowdin

Crowdin is a privately held, self-funded company that started in 2009. With 1.5M registered customers, Crowdin has helped 85K+ localization projects to go global with their tech products. With 10 years of background in localization, Crowdin is an experienced company that worked with extensive localization projects and enterprise-level companies, including Microsoft, GitHub, Pipedrive, GitLab, Buffer, Magento, Joomla, and more. 

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