InWhatLanguage Microgrant Program Helps Donate Books to Children in Need

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inWhatLanguage Microgrant Program Helps Donate Books to Children in Need

inWhatLanguage, a leading localization and translation technology provider recently awarded a $300 microgrant to East African Language Solutions in Nairobi, Kenya. inWhatLanguage works with East African Language Solutions to gain translations in a number of African languages.

East African Language Solutions, in turn, matched the donation from inWhatLanguage. With the donation and match, East African Language Solutions was able to put the $600 towards purchasing “reading and writing materials, sketching/drawing materials, atlases, dictionaries (both English and Swahili) geographical maps, human body charts, geometrical sets, and calculators for the center’s library” according to Patrick Muriithi of East African Language Solutions. The materials were donated to the Zawadi Society’s Thungua Children and Youth Empowerment Center. According to the center’s website it serves as a:

residential and educational program for former street-dwelling children and youth in Nyeri, Kenya. More than 130 children and youth (ages 6-22) call the CYEC home. The Centre ensures that all of its young people are provided with the resources and skills necessary for a happy, healthy life. Children attend school and participate in skill-building activities. Youth attend school and have the opportunity to learn vocational skills and start businesses. The generous support of universities, nonprofits, governments and donors throughout the world enables the CYEC to continue serving children and youth.

inWhatLanguage offered microgrants to its linguists and translation vendors to do good in their communities as part of its social impact strategy. More specifically, the grants could be used to help mentor youth, provide learning materials, help teach English, provide food and supplies to those in need, clean up waste and help the environment, or simply take up a cause they felt was most important to their community.

In addition to supporting its linguist network, inWhatLanguage has three other social impact pillars which consist of the company donating translations and translation services to important causes. The first pillar is donating translated parent-teacher communications to schools around the country with high numbers of English Language Learners (ELLs). The second pillar is donating translated materials to global health organizations. Specifically, to help first responders in crisis situations have training materials in their native languages to improve the effectiveness of the response. Lastly, the third pillar is donating translations to organizations fostering international trade and diplomacy.

About inWhatLanguage – inWhatLanguage is a localization and technology provider breaking down language and cultural barriers to unify people and communities around the world. We develop technology and human networks, which connects organizations to communities by allowing them to create, control and manage all enterprise-wide content through a proprietary, cloud-based translation management platform called UNIFY.