inWhatLanguage Reports on Safety of Linguists in Disaster-Affected Communities

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Salt Lake City, Utah – September 25, 2017 – inWhatLanguage, a global translation and language services company, continues to reach out to their extensive network of linguists affected by the recent earthquakes and hurricanes to identify how to best assist their team members.

inWhatLanguage has already reached out directly to 21 translators living in the disaster-affected regions of the world to establish that the linguists and their families are safe. The company works with a community of more than 5,000 language specialists around the globe.

“We are very concerned for our translators located in these disaster-affected communities and want to let them know we will do all we can to support them in any recovery efforts,” said Sheldon Wardwell, global impact director at inWhatLanguage. “We have begun to identify individual needs and have started collections of goods and supplies to send to them this week.”

Most linguists provide translation and localization services in the country of their native language.

“It feels good to know someone cares,” said Thelma Oldak-Finkler, a linguist located in Mexico City, Mexico. “We’re okay, just still in shock and afraid of aftermaths.”

Despite their distance from the company’s headquarters in Utah, the global network of linguists at inWhatLanguage are integral to the organization’s success.

“If one translator is affected, we are all impacted and we want to make certain we are able to provide a lending hand,” said Wardwell. “inWhatLanguage unifies communities through innovative translation solutions, which is only made possible with a dedicated network of professional linguists from around the world.”

Language services, a $43 billion industry, is unique in that it primarily depends on a global network of hundreds of thousands of linguists working in every geography to translate all types of content for multinational companies of all sizes and industries. Linguists are essential to our global economy. There are an estimated 640,000 translators in the world, according to the Translators Association of China.

“In the past couple of months there has been a barrage of natural disasters that have brought devastation to areas in which inWhatLanguage utilizes language experts, including the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as across Africa and Asia,“ said Cody Broderick, CEO and founder of inWhatLanguage. “All these disasters gave us an opportunity to directly help our valued translators around the world, as they do so much for us and we simply want to return the favor in their time of need.”

As part of our impact program, inWhatLanguage care packages are being organized from team member and community donations. They are being distributed to translators and families in these regions that were heavily impacted by the natural disasters.

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