inWhatLanguage Supports Tucci Learning Solutions’ Global Expansion

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Tucci Learning Solutions, with inWhatLanguage’s GLM (Global Language Management) solution expands Special Needs Education Capabilities into Global Markets

Educators and parents today face the challenge of providing appropriate support and services to a diverse and increasingly numerous population of children diagnosed with ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder.  In order to address this ever-increasing need, the CLM Center of Excellence, a division of Tucci Learning Solutions,Inc (TUCCi) is expanding its market reach by taking the Competent Learner Model (CLM) to international markets. Working with inWhatLanguage, a Global Language Management vendor, Vicci Tucci, BCBA, and her team have broadened their global reach into European, Asian, and Arabic international markets.

“There is a strong cultural alignment between inWhatLanguage and Tucci Learning Solutions. We share a vision of social responsibility and globalization. We thrive working with companies like TUCCi, companies that are really making an impact in the world around them.  Our mission at inWhatLanguage is to remove the language barriers that separate people and communities by providing unique and cost sensitive solutions to help organizations like Tucci take their product, services, and brand to their global audience,” states Katherine Rosen, Director – Enterprise Solutions at inWhatLanguage.

Vicci Tucci is the owner of Tucci Learning Solutions and the developer of the Competent Learner Model. She began developing the model while working with adults with disabilities over the last forty years.

“I have loved working with inWhatLanguage. Katherine Rosen, who manages and orchestrates our engagement, and each of her colleagues are so professional, supportive, and caring. They all share in TUCCi’s Mission. iWL has provided exceptional end to end management of the entire Global Language initiative, providing significant cost savings and leverage through their very impressive and scalable TMS platform, Unify.  The process has been affordable and guided, and the quality of the very technical content, accurate and correctly represented.

Tucci Learning Solutions’ Mission is to build a nation of competent learners. To accomplish this mission, TUCCi provides coaching and training services for educators, parents, and legal guardians of birth to 3-year-olds, pre-school, school-age children and adults with a diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorders, other developmental disabilities, and challenging behavioral difficulties.

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