Janus Worldwide Announces the Latest Version of Janus Express

Janus Express is a technology enabled service providing customers with a quick turnaround translation service aimed at software and application developers engaged in agile development or for games and multimedia organizations requiring language support during late stage development and testing phases.

Utilizing a simple portal interface requests can be submitted in any language and receive high quality translations with greatly enhanced turnaround times. The service is available and supported by Janus locations and specialist translation network across the globe ensuring full service availability regardless of time zone.

Janus Express is fully integrated into Janus Global Technology Platform (GTP) allowing for translator access to tools such as Janus Perfect and availability to real time data and management analytics provided by Janus DashPort. The service is available to all Janus customers or as a stand-alone service.

“Reduced time to market gives organizations a competitive advantage and we believe that for anybody engaged in continuous localization this service is invaluable”  Konstantin Josseliani, Janus Worldwide CEO

About Janus Worldwide

Founded in 1996, Janus Worldwide was built on providing unparalleled customer service and support. Today our dedication to deliver personal services has not changed, which is why Janus Worldwide has become a global leader in translation and localization solutions. With over 250 employees in 10 global offices, we are one of the largest translation and localization providers in Central Europe.

Our in-country, industry specific in-house and external pool of linguist experts translate, localize and offer multilingual testing in over 100 different languages. Janus Worldwide is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 13611:2014 compliant, adding an additional layer of quality control process that is used on all of our client projects.

Contact – perfect@janusww.com