Janus Worldwide Posts Third Consecutive Quarter of Sustainable Development and Growth in 2021

Janus Worldwide Q3 2021

Since it was founded in 1996, Janus Worldwide has grown to become a significant player in the language industry, with the company’s entire team working together to achieve sustainable and continuous growth, and bring people closer to each other.

Our Q3 financial performance shows that we are continuing to track the stable and steady revenue growth trend that began in Q1 2021, and we saw a 21% increase in revenue compared to Q3 2020. All our teams have performed well, with Games, Interpreting and Multimedia leading the way. The top-performing region this quarter was DACH.

During Q3, we increased our investment in technology, sales, marketing, and overall recruitment to ensure the success of our corporate business strategy, focusing on:

  • The launch of a new and improved version of GTP2 (by the start of 2022)
  • The MT enrolment program (customized MT engines for daily operations)
  • The growth of global and local sales teams
  • The marketing excellence program
  • The Vendor Portal (facilitator of our vendor pool)

“There is still much ground to be covered if we plan to continue along a path of sustained growth over the coming years. We are fully focused on creating a forward profile not only for ourselves but for the industry as a whole, because a win for one is a win for all,” said Konstantin Josseliani, commenting on the company’s performance in Q3 2021.