Jonckers Releases Its WordsOnline Platform

Jonckers WordsOnline TMS

Whispers about Jonckers highly anticipated TMS WordsOnline have been floating around since last year. The Belgian outfit, who have 10 offices globally, unveiled the new platform last month in Seattle at Locworld 38 after a number of successful pilots with major clients.

When canvassing opinion from Jonckers employees and visitors to the Locworld event, it was clear the launch impressed and surpassed expectation for all involved. The motivation and message was clear; To become a key player in translation tech solutions. The result? Excellent! As mentioned the WordsOnline launch was a great success. A global team made up of employees from the UK, US, APAC and EU converged on Seattle to promote the launch. Locworld delegates were given an opportunity to discuss the platforms benefits and USP’s with the people who believe in it most. Live demo’s and presentations have only strengthened the message that Jonckers WordsOnline is a serious contender in the large volume TMS arena.

So what is different about WordsOnline? Well firstly, Jonckers have taken their time with the development of the tool. It has been meticulously planned and built in-house by a specially formed tech team, headed up by long time Jonckers VP of Technology Jack Wang. He and his team, under the inspirational guidance of CEO Geo Janssens, have formulated a system and processes that directly and most importantly, benefit the client.

When asked what the core purpose of WordsOnline is, CEO Geo said ‘Speed! Simple! We want to offer our partners fast, efficient and quality delivery of their content. We can achieve this by combining customized technology with crowds of accredited and talented linguists to process work collectively. The output is faster and more cost effective than traditional methods.’ Geo then went on to discuss the importance of customer relationships; ‘What WordsOnline also offers is transparency. Our customers get a real-time overview of their jobs and can track a number of key steps in the process to ensure the work is to their standard and also as a form of reassurance that Jonckers is dedicated to providing real quality, not compromised by faster delivery.’

With major clients now trailing the platform for large volume projects, the future looks bright for WordsOnline. It will definitely have stiff competition from a number of other systems on the market, but the belief Jonckers have in the offering, combined with a unique crowdsourcing and enhanced visibility approach gives them an edge and individuality not before seen from an LSP.