L10n People invites hiring managers to participate in localization talent survey

DUBLIN, Ireland-May 23, 2016 L10n People, a Dublin-based 360-degree global staffing company for the IT, games and localization industries, published an online survey in an effort to better understand how the global talent shortage affects the translation and localization industry.

This survey consists of 14 simple questions and targets managers and recruiters who hire translation and localization talent such as translators and reviewers, translation project and program managers, as well as localization engineers and testers. With the Talent Shortage in the Translation/Localization Industry Survey, L10n People seek input from both ends of the industry spectrum, namely translation and localization service providers as well as buyers of these services.

“We know that many organizations in the translation and localization industry are finding it more and more difficult to fill their vacancies with qualified candidates,” said Annette Lawlor, founder of L10n People. “We have created this survey because we want to understand some of the deeper underlying trends so that we can help overcome this serious issue.”

The Talent Shortage in the Translation/Localization Industry Survey is available at the following address: https://www.l10npeople.com/talent-shortage-in-the-translationlocalization-industry/

L10n People will treat any personal information provided in the survey as confidential and will not share the participants’ data with any third party.

At the upcoming LocWorld conference, which will be held June 8-10 in Dublin, Ireland, L10n People will report on the results of this research. Survey results will also be shared on social media and industry publications after the conclusion of this project. Finally, L10n People will make free copies of the report available to all survey participants.

About L10n People:

L10n People are the global staffing company for the localization, games, and IT industries, connecting the right people worldwide. With headquarters in the localization hub of Ireland and offices in Poland and the United States, the client base of L10n People is spread throughout North and South America, Asia as well as Eastern and Western Europe.

Media Contact:

Annette Lawlor
+353 1 524 1481