Gets USD 30m from Amgen, Will Spend Some on Translation Gets $ 30 million from Amgen for Translation

The Amgen Foundation increased its investment in the open-science classroom with a donation of USD 30m announced in June 2022. The funds will help expand content and access to the platform for people across the world, including an allocation for translation of content into 30 languages.

LabXchange began at Harvard University in 2020 as a project cofounded alongside the Amgen Foundation with an original donation of USD 13m. The project originated as a repository of free STEM education based on the late scientist Robert Lue’s wish “to make science education accessible to everyone.”

Harvard University’s Office of the Vice Provost of Advances in Learning (VPAL) manages LabXchange. The site offers 16,000 learning resources that include online lab experiments, interactive lessons, and videos, currently accessible to 20 million users in 230 countries.

The new injection of funds will help expand the global science classroom, from 20 million people to 50 million by 2025, said Gaurav Vazirani, Managing Director.

According to Judy Brown, SVP of Corporate Affairs at Amgen and chairperson of the foundation, “By overcoming barriers of cost and geographical location, LabXchange is helping to level the playing field, so learners of all ages everywhere have access to world-class science education.”

The money will help expand the site’s data science, increase biotechnology, environmental, and science content for children. LabXchange will also create a global network of teacher ambassadors over the next three years.