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SAN DIEGO, July 20, 2023 — Comic-Con just made its way back to San Diego, California for another exciting weekend full of panels, exhibits, special events, and of course the costumes. As one of the biggest entertainment and pop culture events in the country, it’s where science fiction and superhero movies, television and comics collide, bringing fans together in celebration of imaginative worlds and iconic characters. Within these captivating stories, language, of course, plays one of the most pivotal roles in bridging communication gaps, unraveling mysteries, and forging connections across diverse cultures and universes.

Interpreters Unlimited, a Language Service Provider headquartered in San Diego, put out a story during Comic-Con 2022 looking at a brief history of foreign language in comics. For 2023, since the event takes place in their backyard, they put together another story, this time exploring language and translation in the movies and television shows that have been such a big part of the event over the years.

Some of the biggest franchises including Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Trek and Star Wars, for a few examples, have multilingual characters speaking various human languages and countless alien languages. Multiple characters like Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, Natasha Romanoff in The Avengers and Black Widow films, and Neytiri in Avatar highlight foreign languages in their stories. A very interesting and comedic example comes from Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, who speaks one of the most unique languages comprised solely of different enunciation and emphasis of the only three words he can speak, “I am Groot”.

Foreign and alien languages are never in short supply when it comes to Science Fiction. With all of the different languages in these fictional worlds, much like in our real world, language translation is necessary and plays an important role in many of the stories. There are endless examples of characters using their multilingualism to translate for other characters, whether it is just one seemingly insignificant line or major story-driving scenes.

In the 2016 film Arrival, there is Louise Banks, a linguistic expert who is recruited to decipher and translate the complex language of an alien species, playing a pivotal role in preventing a potential global catastrophe. When you think about alien languages from film and television, one that will always come to mind is the world of Star Trek and one of the most popular characters, Spock. As a Vulcan with exceptional logic and intellect, Spock often acts as a translator, facilitating communication between different species and cultures, playing a key role in translating ancient languages and deciphering alien codes. From Vulcan to Klingon, Spock’s ability to translate languages contributes to the success of various diplomatic missions and aids in building alliances between different civilizations.

With one of the most popular television series, The Walking Dead, Deaf actress Lauren Ridloff was introduced as their first Deaf character who communicates in American Sign Language on the show. Alongside Ridloff is actress Angel Theory, playing her sister Kelly, who is Hard-of-Hearing and acts as her translator. Other characters like Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, take up learning sign language to better communicate with her. Ridloff said in an interview that most of the cast had been learning ASL, not just for their acting parts but so they could communicate with her and Theory off camera.

One of the most famous movie characters who typically is not thought of when it comes to language and translation is Indiana Jones. While known as an archaeologist and adventurer, Indiana can speak, read, and write in a multitude of languages, frequently encountering ancient languages in his quests. In the films, his linguistic skills have aided him in deciphering ancient writings, reading hieroglyphics and translating Mayan inscriptions, playing a significant role in solving puzzles, uncovering hidden knowledge, and assisting him with his expeditions.

Ultimately, when it comes to language and translation across all cinematic worlds, Star Wars sits at the top of the list. The Star Wars universe showcases a plethora of languages, each contributing to the intricacies of the storytelling. The Star Wars films brought us one of the most famous translators of all time, C-3PO, a protocol droid and interpreter by design, fluent in over six million forms of communication. With his multilingual abilities and unwavering dedication to communication, C-3PO has become an iconic symbol of language translation, intergalactic diplomacy and understanding. He serves as a bridge between diverse cultures and species, facilitating communication and understanding in even the most challenging situations.

Throughout the Star Wars movies, C-3PO demonstrates his linguistic prowess by seamlessly conversing in or translating different languages from the Droidspeak and Binary Language of droids like R2-D2, to the growls and tones of Chewbacca’s Wookiee language, to Huttese as an interpreter for Jabba the Hutt. C-3PO’s adaptability ensures that crucial information is conveyed accurately between different alien races ensuring that diplomatic relations are maintained.

Translating for the Rebel Alliance to supporting the Jedi Order, assisting the most important of characters like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, deciphering Sith dialects and alien tongues, translating ancient Jedi text, negotiating with alien entities to decoding ancient languages, C-3PO’s linguistic skills are crucial in establishing peace, forging alliances, and navigating complex interstellar relationships. His ability to comprehend and interpret an extensive array of languages demonstrates the importance of effective communication in a galaxy comprised of diverse civilizations and dialects. His translations bridge the gap between these diverse groups, avoiding conflicts and fostering understanding, ultimately establishing peace while unlocking crucial plot points and propelling the story forward.

From the charismatic C-3PO to all of the other beloved characters in science fiction and adventure movies, these multilingual heroes showcase the power of effective communication in driving the narratives forward. These iconic figures serve as a reminder of the importance of language in fostering understanding, cooperation, and harmony in an ever-expanding universe. Whether decoding ancient scripts, interpreting extraterrestrial languages, or using sign language to communicate, multilingual characters and language translators bring depth, understanding, and unity to the worlds we love, while highlighting the power of effective communication.

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