Language I/O Enhances Zendesk Integration with Live Chat Translation

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Language I/O is further helping Zendesk, Inc. users improve customer service KPIs with Language I/O Chat for Zendesk. 

Language I/O Chat for Zendesk allows English-speaking support agents to communicate with customers in more than 150 languages directly inside the Zendesk live chat window. Language I/O Chat for Zendesk plugs directly into an agent’s standard chat response form so they don’t have to switch between apps to chat with customers in any language. And, unlike a standard integration with Google Translate, the Language I/O translation app will ensure that your preferred translations for product- and industry-specific terms are used for all machine translations. This insures that your agents and customers actually understand each other! 

“We have designed the Language I/O Chat translation app for Zendesk specifically with the user in mind,” said Language I/O Co-CEO Heather Morgan Shoemaker. “The interface is incredibly easy to use and highly intelligent and our service can easily be customized per each client. By drawing from six machine translation engines, Language I/O Chat for Zendesk finds the best possible translation for every language pair ensuring that the chats are fast and accurate.”

Language I/O Chat for Zendesk also:

· Enforces your preferred translations for product – and industry-specific terms

· Saves all chat transcripts in a private note within the related chat so monolingual supervisors can review the session

· Encrypts personal data before passing it to translation engines and decrypts it before it’s pushed back into Zendesk

· Provides top notch security. Language I/O does not store any chat content once the translation is pushed back into Zendesk

“Ease of use, quality of translation and customer security are extremely
important to us and our customers,” said Language I/O Co-CEO Kaarina Kvaavik. “With these three standards in mind, our developers have created a product that has allowed seventy-two percent of our customers to forgo hiring additional support staff.” Language I/O’s technology saves customers an average of 40 percent on customer support costs; increases NPS; decreases response times; and decreases hold times. Language I/O’s omnichannel support solution reduces customer support costs while easing frustrations for agents and customers, paving the way for a seamless, high-quality customer experience. 

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Language I/O’s software suite uses a unique combination of professional human and machine translation to automate the translation of customer support content for email, knowledge base articles, social messaging and chats within Oracle, Salesforce and Zendesk.