Language I/O Introduces New, All- Inclusive Subscription that Covers Human & Machine Translation Plus Apps

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CHEYENNE, November 30, 2021 ( – Language I/O (LIO), a provider of multilingual customer engagement software, has announced today the launch of a new pricing model that is unique in the industry. Language I/O empowers companies to use their monolingual (i.e. English-only-speaking) support agents to support customers in any language, right inside the CRM where the support teams already work.

The company’s new pricing involves a credit-based subscription that encompasses all software and translation services offered by the company.

“The language services industry has traditionally charged per-word for human translation services on a project-by-project basis. This model can slow down the translation process as parties negotiate POs and SOWs one project at a time,” said Language I/O CEO Heather Shoemaker. “Our all-inclusive subscription model puts every type of translation service under a translation capacity limit whereby our customers can use their credits to pay for any type of translation service we offer without worrying about it on a project-by- project basis. Our unparalleled machine translation offering, CRM-specific apps, self-improving glossaries and other tech all come along for the ride.”

The services and tech that are bundled into the LIO all-inclusive subscription include:

  • Turn-key apps that can be installed inside three major CRMs to quickly empower a company’s monolingual (i.e. English-only-speaking) customer support agents to provide chatbot, chat, email, social and other customer support in any language.
  • Machine translation services that can be customized within 24 hours for industry- and company-specific accuracy.
  • SIGLO (Self-Improving Glossary), a proprietary technology that automatically detects and improves translation of company- and industry-specific terms.
  • Secure handling of personal data that is often passed in with conversational-style translation. LIO is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.
  • Human translation services for structured content such as knowledge bases, support articles, website content, marketing content, etc.
  • Rapid human translation services that can be leveraged in agent responses to support tickets where machine translation will not suffice.
  • Machine translation with a human post edit (MTPE) which can be automatically leveraged within the Language I/O support article translations, ticket translations, etc.
  • Machine translation portal access which provides Language I/O customers with a comparison view across numerous machine translation engines.
  • API access so Language I/O customers can leverage the company’s B2B conversational translation engine anywhere.

The new subscription model has already proven to be a popular option for existing Language I/O customers such as Taulia, a financial technology company based in San Francisco, CA. “Taulia has been using Language I/O for multilingual customer support since 2016 and we have been very happy with the quality of the translations and the easy-to-use apps that are installed inside our CRM,” said Yavor Chatalbashev, Director of Technical Services. “We immediately took advantage of this new, all-inclusive subscription, which enables us to exchange credits for any type of translation service. This model allows us to make the most of our subscription by using remaining credits at the end of the term for any outstanding human translation projects.”

Access to Language I/O APIs, translation portal and apps, which are ready to install for any e-support channel within CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Oracle Service Cloud – are bundled into the credit-based subscription model. The tiered subscription models are named after international rockets and begin with Discovery, which costs $499/month or $5,689/year. This entry-level subscription gives customers an annual cap of 5,988 credits to use for any of the human and machine translation services provided by LIO. Credits are charged per word that is translated through the platform, with a lower price being charged for machine-translated words and a higher price for translations involving human linguists. All types of translation are automated through the Language I/O apps that are ready for installation inside of Salesforce, Zendesk and Oracle Service Cloud. These apps automate chatbot, chat, ticket, social, article and other translation workflows inside these CRMs. The company’s unique core technology ensures that a company’s proprietary product names and industry jargon will be accurately translated via not just their human linguists but also within the company’s machine translation platform without the time-consuming training that other vendors require.

About LIO
LIO enables Fortune 500 companies to communicate with customers anywhere through proprietary machine learning technology, which enables real-time, company-specific translation. The AI technology enables LIO to quickly generate accurate, company-specific translations of all user- generated content (UGC) including jargon, slang, abbreviations and misspellings into over 100 languages via chat, email, article and social support channels. LIO is accessible directly via API and seamlessly integrates with all major CRMs, including Salesforce, Oracle and Zendesk. The company was co- founded by two female entrepreneurs who bootstrapped the company, wrote the original code and obtained large enterprise customers such as Constant Contact, Shutterstock, and CBS Interactive.