Language I/O Releases Most Accurate Machine Translation Tool on the Market

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Cheyenne, WY – Language I/O’s proprietary machine translation optimization technology provides the best machine translation across all languages for companies that are struggling to accurately translate industry jargon, newly invented slang, named entities such as a company’s product names, acronyms and other messy User Generated Content (UGC).

“There is no other company on the market that aggregates the best machine translation engines and then layers their own technology on top of them so that the messiest UGC is properly translated every time,” said Language I/O CEO Heather Morgan Shoemaker.

When a customer opens a chat with a customer service agent, they’re often distracted or typing too quickly. This often leads to chats rife with spelling mistakes, jargon and acronyms. Language I/O’s machine translation optimizer takes the best machine translation engines on the market and teaches them to recognize and then correctly translate this messy content.

“One of the coolest things about our machine translation optimizer is that we’ve built it while maintaining our ardent commitment to protecting customer data,” Shoemaker said. “Some vendors in the multilingual customer service space hoard conversational content for the purpose of training neural MT (machine translation) engines. We never have and never will do that.”

This commitment reinforces Language I/O’s strict adherence to international security standards such as the ISO 27001 and GDPR. We also encrypt all personally identifiable information (PII). 

Major national brands in the gaming, finance, travel and ecommerce space look to Language I/O to provide best-in-class translations. Many of our customers see an ROI (return on investment) of more than 500% when opting to use our solutions rather than hiring additional, non-English customer support staff. Contact us for more information about our products.

About Language I/O 

The future of translation is conversational and Language I/O’s proprietary machine translation optimization technology ensures that every conversation is understood. Our machine translation optimizer can translate difficult to translate user generated content such as jargon, slang, abbreviations and misspellings in 150 languages over chat, email, article and social support channels. Language I/O seamlessly integrates within all major (customer relationship management) systems CRMs and also provides an API. Finally, we let customers decide whether to use professional human linguists, our machine translation optimizer, or a combination of the two.