Language Industry Hires at XTM, CLS 4-Text, ATS, and Welocalize

With over 12 years of experience in localization engineering, Uyen Tran understands how crucial it is to have an automated system in the localization process.

“By utilizing automated systems, localization professionals could focus on the quality of their work,” said Tran, who joined XTM International as Senior Solutions Architect in October 2017. “Basically, I am here to support our sales team.”

Uyen Tran
Uyen Tran

Before joining XTM, she was Senior Localization Engineer at Genesys Interactive Intelligence and at LUZ Inc. She also worked with SDL and Lightbridge as Localization Engineer and Product Engineer, respectively.

Based in Colorado, Tran has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Denver.

The language services industry is diverse and technology-driven,” she observed. “As the global market and services data are continuously growing, technology demands are more critical, as the result. Nowadays, localization industry sets the focus in automation, machine translation and artificial intelligence.”

Tran believes that translation management systems that allow automated procedures and machine translation engines that require big data and machine deep learning are essential in enhancing language services.   

Irene Gon — CLS 4-Text

Lionbridge-owned CLS 4-Text’s new Vendor Manager Irene Gon is based in Berlin and reports directly to Co-CEO Marie Laure Vinckx.

“As vendor manager, I have a keen interest in recruiting the best linguists in their field of expertise,” she told Slator.

Irene Gon
Irene Gon

Gon started as a professional translator herself but eventually moved to project management. Before joining CLS 4-Text, she was with SDL as Senior Project Manager. She also worked with Rheinschrift in a similar capacity.

“Now I slightly moved away from project management as I wanted to focus again more on the language side of the business,” she explained.

Gon has always been interested in languages, having grown up in an Italian-Argentinian family. “It was not a surprise that later in life I decided to study English and translation. My first job in this industry was as a translator, but as I also have a background in finance, I did the inevitable move to project management where I could combine both my skills,” she said.

In the language services industry, she said there are two most talked about topics today: machine translation and acquisitions.

“Probably in the next five years we will all see which practical changes both of those topics have brought. I think technology disruption will bring newer and more exciting opportunities for everybody,” she concluded.

Mahmoud Elgohary — Alsun Translation Services

Mahmoud Elgohary
Mahmoud Elgohary

The translation business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is doing well, but competition is very strong, according to Mahmoud Elgohary, the new Business Development Manager of Alsun Translation Services’ (ATS).

Based in Dubai, Elgohary joined ATS in October 2017. He said his role is to identify new translation businesses in companies with growth potential. He works with senior level management in spotting business trends with a view to developing new services and distribution channels.

Prior to joining ATS, Elgohary has an extensive experience in sales and marketing at Dubai-based firms. He also worked as marketing executive at the Nile Academy for Science in Egypt..

A first timer in the industry, he said he believes that the most effective way to sell language services is translation quality.

Maggie Nickles — Welocalize

Maggie Nickles returned to Welocalize as Senior Director of Client Services in August 2017 after working for Nike as Localization Operations Manager for a few years.

Maggie Nickles
Maggie Nickles

I am returning because the energy is infectious and I love constantly learning about new technologies and pushing the boundaries in our industry,” she said, adding that in her new role she is responsible for “client satisfaction and optimal enterprise program performance.”

Nickles, who has a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature, said that what excites her in the language services industry now are developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and “how we are engaging with languages.”

Asked to comment on how language service providers can make a difference, she said, “Hands down, client services. I am passionate about always putting the customer first.”

Matthew Flannery — Welocalize

After running his own multilingual digital marketing firm, Matthew Flannery joined Welocalize in September 2017 as Director of Business Development US Enterprise at Welocalize.

Matthew Flannery
Matthew Flannery

Based in Irvine, California, he was previously involved in sales management roles in various software and consulting firms.

As a B2B service provider, he said LSPs like Welocalize need to drive efficiency between a customer’s need for translation and localization services.

“The challenge is delivering scalable, high-performance localization solutions on multiple platforms (web, mobile, IOT), embedding services within enterprise customer platforms to drive improved efficiencies, and managing a constantly evolving talent landscape,” he said.

Taylor Hahn — Welocalize

As Enterprise Business Development Director at Welocalize, Taylor Hahn helps build localization programs for enterprise businesses based in the US central region.

Taylor Hahn
Taylor Hahn

She joined Welocalize in August 2017 from TransPerfect where she was Director of Strategic Accounts.

Hahn said the challenge she sees in the industry at times is proving the value of centralizing the localization process and investing in a program that may cost money up front, but in the long run, will save money and increase ROI.

“LSPs like Welocalize can help companies by being able to consult with them on their overall globalization strategies,” she said.

David Vanlten — Welocalize

Welocalize’s new Business Development Director describes his role in the company as “strictly a hunter of new businesses.”

David Vanlten
David Vanlten

How can LSPs make a difference? “By helping clients grow globally,” he said.

David Vanlten joined the company in August 2017 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

His previous sales roles include stints at US-based companies Professional Claims Link, Language Services Associates, and Language Access Networks, among others.