Language Insight Sees Remarkable Growth of 33.4% as Leading Translation Provider

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For a second consecutive year Language Insight, a language services provider based in Preston, have achieved remarkable sales growth during 2018/19 with an increase of 33.4% against the 2017/18 financial year. As the company celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2019, this comes just in time for their birthday celebrations.

The company has achieved this success through dedication, hard work and a concentrated team effort to continue delivering the highest quality of service in partnership with their clients; time after time. Whilst the business continues to attract and win new clients, their focus of retaining clients and delivering unbeatable quality and performance is demonstrated with less than 0.05% client loss.

Language Insight attribute the reasons for their growth to their core values; honesty, ownership, diversity, empathy and collaboration, as these factor into both their internal culture and extends to how they build their client relationships. They pride themselves on integrity of business ethics, fair pricing, responsive communication and also a significant in-house ability for quality assurance delivered by their project management teams, whilst working across multiple time zones to provide service during regional working hours.

High growth services include Market Research translation where their teams have excelled and are known as ‘the’ industry experts in online translation, with specialist skills in online, overlay and link-checking. They are the Market Researcher’s preferred partner with the ability to delivery industry expertise, knowledge and advice as part of the entire multi-market research projects service.

Managing Director, Donna Twose, says ‘Our clients tell us of their frustrations with their current translation provider’s inability to deliver and understand simple market research surveys. We recognise this is a complex service which many providers can’t deliver and we have invested heavily in this area with technology and training to enable us to become trusted experts’.

Language Insight stand-out from the crowd by going the extra mile for their clients through adding value to their client partnerships wherever possible, building on their trusted reputation, expert knowledge, responsive communication and leading project management teams.

The company plans to reinvest the additional revenue back into the business to grow their in-house linguistic resources, bolster their project management teams and further establish themselves across the UK and USA by expanding operations out of New York.

About Language Insight:
Language Insight was founded by Managing Director, Donna Twose, in 2009. The company has undergone significant organic growth over the years to become one of the UK’s most trusted language services partners specialising in transcription, translation and interpreting for a wide range of sectors and industries. It is one of very few Language Service Providers to be globally accredited for both Quality Assurance (ISO 9001) and Information Security (ISO 27001).

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