Language Services Industry Veteran Launches Enterprise Translation Company TranslateNow

San Francisco, Calif. – (May 11, 2016) – TranslateNow announced today the formal launch of its San Francisco-based enterprise translation services company. Delivering Lean Translation and localization solutions into more than 100 languages, TranslateNow serves businesses in four key industries: medical device, manufacturing, legal and technology.

“More than 75% of language companies are headquartered overseas,” says Matt Arney, founder and CEO of TranslateNow. “This creates a massive cultural gap with translation supplier project managers and their clients, leading to communication breakdowns and costly project delays. We launched TranslateNow to give US companies a local alternative for their translation and localization needs.”

TranslateNow is a pioneer in Lean Translation management, representing a paradigm shift for the translation and localization industry. Using cloud-based technology, Lean Translation removes redundant processes and eliminates waste throughout the translation ecosystem. For example, TranslateNow automates common project management tasks like file analysis, quotations, linguist selection, project scheduling, file delivery and invoicing. The result is faster project delivery and significantly reduced costs.

Matt Arney, Founder and CEO
Matt Arney, Founder and CEO

“At TranslateNow, we like to say ‘the experience matters,’” adds Arney. “By automating redundant processes with modern, cloud-based tools, we are able to deliver customer satisfaction like no other. We are continually pushing ourselves to find new ways to eliminate bottlenecks and deliver a better translation experience overall for our customers.”

TranslateNow is a privately held company, and operates out of one of San Francisco’s most iconic buildings, 101 California, in the heart of the financial district. For more information on TranslateNow or investment opportunities, please visit

About TranslateNow

San Francisco-based TranslateNow provides Lean Translation and localization solutions to enterprises across the United States. The company specializes in providing expert translation services to the medical device, manufacturing, legal and technology industries. As one of the few language providers headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, clients can experience local, premium service at an attractive value.